Croatia Suffers Earthquake Amidst Corona Outbreak.

A heavy earthquake has hit the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb – damaging buildings and leaving cars crushed.

A young boy is in a bad condition after a rooftop crumbled, neighborhood media stated. The tower of the city’s church building likewise snapped off.

After Sunday’s tremor, Zagreb’s mayor encouraged individuals to come back to their homes given feelings of fear about the coronavirus.

The 5.3-extent tremor is the biggest to hit the city in 140 years.

Panicked inhabitants ran out into the streets when it struck around 06:00 neighborhood time and were at first advised to outside out by specialists.

“Stay away. Try not to assemble. We are confronting two genuine emergencies, the seismic tremor and the pandemic,” Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said

However Mayor Milan Bandic later said they should get back. “80% of Zagreb residents live in structures that have fortified solid structures,” he said.

The BBC’s Guy Delauney in the district says the tremor went about as a prompt for certain inhabitants to go on their vacation homes on the coast.

Yet, by early evening police had shut motorway toll booths counters and set up control points to stop individuals entering coastal areas, our reporter reports.

Croatia has in more than 200 contaminations of the new coronavirus.

A few structures were harmed, including the parliament. Individuals in southern Austria and Slovenia likewise felt the tremor.

17 people has been confirmed severely injured.