COVID-19: Brazil Gives Up, Only Digs Graves For Burials

COVID-19 is gradually disarming and punishing Brazil for failure to lockdown in the early stages of the virus in the country.

In Brazil  just like some other countries, the Health ministry is unprepared and ‘sick’ ( ill-prepared) thereby unable to contain the virus. And the truth is they’ve lost the battle to COVID-19.

Contractors have taken a job of digging graves instead of building infrastructures to about 13,000 in the public cemetery of Sao Paulo which is mostly used by the poor – the poorest are being hit the worst.


The health workers in the country have given up hope, but there is no war on the virus – their only hope perhaps is the long awaited vaccine. They are face with defeat.


The continuous digging of graves is a sign of ‘surrender’ or lost of hope, only to dispose the bodies properly.

Families line up with their corpses as every family is allowed only 5 minutes to dispose off their corpse. This is the fate of Brazil with corona virus.