37 Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around The World.

Just keep traveling and making money, this list is made up of that job category and you must know you are just about to land a dream job because we will provide you with links to those companies and how-tos.

There has been a lot of jobs that pay you to travel before the novel COVID-19 hit the world. The pandemic only contributed to its rise in demand – work at home.

Aside from these ‘fully funded’ and ready jobs, one can also take on a job remotely, build and master the crafts involve with it, and travel the world while working. And those, we have listed below.

Travel Working: Jobs That Pay You To Travel.

37. Scuba Diving Instructor

Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Are you good with Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus ( SCUBA) diving? You can teach others and make a living out of it.

This job requires you to travel to wherever your services are needed. But you can set up agency as an instructor. You can make $500 to $4,000 as a scuba diving instructor, but that depends on few factors.

36. Customer Service Agent.

Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Customer service agent or representative is good for you if you have that cool demeanor and listening skills. Because is all about people – resolving complaints, processing orders and providing information about an organization’s products and services.

You need that professionalism, patience and the people first attitude and you can grab this job everywhere in the world as you travel. You can even land one in the comfort of your home office using the internet to connect to communication tools.

35. Travel Nursing

Jobs That Pay You To Travel
Travel Nursing

This is nursing assistant concept where you can render your service as a nurse anywhere in the world for a cool cash in a short term.

Currently, there are over 1.6 million nurses deployed over the world under this industry and pay up to $85,000 annually. This is good one to go with if you are a nurse that love to travel.

You can find such jobs on zippia,

34. Photography:

34 Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around The World.
International photographer SwagOfAfrica

This needs a lot of work but finally lands you on the peak of freedom you want when you finally master it. Selling your nicely shot images to magazines, brands, books, and websites is a very sweet cool cash.

You can also become a hired photographer for popular celebs, or public figures hence you will have to travel with them everywhere they go.

Selling guided photography tours and monetizing or selling tutorials online is also a money-making avenue from photography and since you will always be on the look for beautiful scenes to shoot, the world is at your feet.

Master a course online and become a pro photographer

Share your info and service with brands through email.

Upload your images on microstock websites and sell.

Start making $1000 to 10,000 monthly.

33. Bartending Abroad

34 Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around The World.

Have you heard celebrity barmen? This is one job group that is employing more people as more people resign from it.

Bartending abroad is a cool ‘career’ if you can connect with different organizations of people quickly and speak different languages. The more of these qualities you have, the higher your rate of getting hired by nightclubs, bars, tourists sites, and more. And guess what, there are no minimum nor maximum time or skill requirements.

Learn bartending and make $1,000 to 3,000 a month as you tour bars and nightclubs around the world.

32. Local Tour Guides

Jobs that pay you to travel

What about using the full mapping knowledge of your country as an ‘area father’ to make money? Showing people the coolest locations, pubs, unmarked surf spots, or taking visitors on hiking trips.

With that, an international travel and tour company can have you as a worker on their pay whiles you just travel in town. Make $1,000 to 5,000 a month

Resource link here

31. Online Translation Jobs

Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Translating blogs post, books, and product manuals pays well if you know a second language or two.

As a starter, you can translate restaurant menus, run bilingual tours with tourists who speak your languages. They are more fluent and the number of linguals you understand, the higher your chance of getting gigs.

Earn $30 to $100 per hour depending on your clients and locations.

Learn how to be a freelance translator

30. Yacht Sailing Jobs

Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Imagine landing a job with a private yacht owner, obviously a rich man who loves to be on it every day. Whatever job you do on that yacht is worthwhile. Your accommodation, feeding, health care, and many more will be covered.

Being a deckhand or steward ( res) will require a little education as those are entry-level jobs that pay so well – $3,000 to $3,000 monthly.

So, all needed is a shirt course beforehand and visiting beautiful yacht destinations for a job.

Resource link here.

29. Travel Presenter

Jobs That Pay You To Travel

One of the most enjoyable among the jobs that pay you to travel. You are good for this one if you are good, fluent, and flexible on the camera.

With the right skill set and confidence, you just travel, report on sites and scenes relating to tourism, and get paid.

This is part of journalism and so, good education in mass communication and presentation will be the required skills.

You can earn between $2,000 to $5,000 depending on whether you work with a firm or you monetize your presentations on social media platforms.

28. Travel Writer

Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Just as a travel presenter, this is not a field anyone can jump into. You must be good with words, know about networking, pitching to editors, and others business sides in it aside from the baseline – passion for traveling.

Once you have those skills, you can write travel magazines and get paid, write for blogs or compile travel guide ebooks and sell online.

These gigs combined can give you cool cash of $5,000 to $10,000 a month.

Resource link

27. Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Another job that is in high patronizes all over the world. You can offer your service to weary tourists or expatriates as an effective treatment to reduce stress, muscle tension, and pain at tourist destinations.

You can get hired or strike out as an entrepreneur sharing your print flyers around gyms and hotels and giving them cuts for referrals to keep clients flowing in.

Learn how to be a professional massage therapist 

26. Trading Stocks Or Crypto

Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around

Before you venture into this business, invest months to a year of learning how to go about it so you will not end up counting fingers.

One big fact that masters of this trade won’t tell you is that it takes time to start making it huge enough in trading stocks or crypto. However, I have seen people make it a lot from this and what they do is travel around the world with laptops.

A background in finance and spare cash to invest as a beginner will help you. But be ready to make huge gains when you finally master it.

A good day in the stock market or crypto can give you $2,000. A resource link to learn about stock trading. 

25. Work On Cruise Ship

 Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around The World

Job positions like tour manager, ship entertainment, housekeeping, cooks, etc on a cruise ship can help save money as well as see travel the world. You will have food, accommodation, and insurance covered.

Many jobs on cruise ships allow you enough time to travel while still getting paid $1000 to 3,000 monthly.

Learn about this job and become a worker on a cruise ship 

24. Work As A Flight Attendant

Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around The World

This job or career seems glamorous as in jetting around the world, partying, meeting cultures and people, and having everything from accommodation to health care in the clouds and cheap hotels but if you don’t have the wanderlust I’d rather advise not to try it, because those long hours of work and training can get lonely at times.

An average of $1,500 will hit your wallet every month on this job aside from other ‘free things’ depending on your employer, credential, and roles.

Resource link

23. Teach English As A Foreign Language.

Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around

In China, research has it that 50% of English natives and good speakers and writers are full-time teachers in homes. A private English teaching job in non-English developed countries pays so well. And you don’t stay at one home for long, as soon as you finish your contract and the learners see progress, you are getting a recommendation to the next town, city or country.

Most of these teachers have their accommodation, food, and health covered by their employers with a hood pay depending on bargains.

22. Festival Works

Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around

Musical festivals in southern hemisphere Australia and New Zealand, between Canada, America, and European summer circuits bring a lot of side acts, installations, event staffs, organizers, and even food vendors on board before, during, and after the shows.

You don’t have to be an artist to work and make money at these festivals but most of these jobs come along if you are affiliated with the artists, sponsoring brands, etc. Be ready to have free air tickets too.

I can not state a price for these as everyone will be paid according to his role except the vendors who make direct cash.

Resourceful link.

21. Drop Shipping

Best Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around

Drop Shipping is the most common way of making money online nowadays aside from stock trading, vlogging, and blogging.

It has different names among traders and peers and it simply means, buying and selling goods through Amazon under your brand name.

By using FBA ( Fulfillment By Amazon ) you don’t need a physical storefront location as all inventories are stored with Amazon at fulfillment centers across the world.

Dropshipping or Private Labeling requires no skills but you must learn about it before jumping into it. Learn Amazon dropshipping here.

20. Street Acts

Do you have any special talent in singing, dancing, painting, magic, etc, you can turn it into a cash cow with street performance in cities of tourists and huge foot traffic.

Pick an instrument, pick a better costume, rehearse your act and master it. Now get a joint and wow passers-by for cool cash. Keep locating suitable zones and keep traveling and making money.

Don’t try this everywhere without proper research because there are laws regulating it in some cities and countries.

Resource link

19. Working Holiday Visas.

These are visa programs that allow living in a host country for up to 12 months taking on jobs to cover living expenses and funding travels and tours in the country.

This is primarily explored by young people like students, young volunteers, tourists, etc.

And you can move from one country to another – countries that allow travel visas – making cash and touring. Wages depend on the type of job you take on.

18. Event Manager

As an event manager, you see the success of an event and get paid for it. Events like TV awards, movie or music awards, product launches, public events, sports events, and festivals.

A job of overseeing events can be a golden opportunity to travel around though it doesn’t always require traveling.

All you will need is a little background in public, media relations and event management, marketing and mass communication will help.

Depending on your employer’s company, you can pocket an average of $5,000 monthly aside from the free tickets and hotels.

17. Bird Watching

You can turn this passion of ornithologists into money-making avenues while you travel around. You may not make a million dollars from watching birds but what about becoming a bird blogger, bird vlogger, writer for magazines, and selling those nice shots of birds from your lens. That, I am sure will give you more cash than you ever imagine.

Photography skills, biology or zoology background with good writing skills, and you’ve landed one of the jobs that pay you to travel around the world.

16. Virtual Poker Player

Play it online, make money and then you have the choice to meet your competitors in person and play it on the real table. Don’t doubt it, it is how far the work has come.

However, it is one of those jobs you can not just jump in because the cash flows in it. You will get lost. You must be good numbers, have the string to play for hours online, read and understand the game and maintain balanced emotions for hours to make 1,000 to $5,000 per month.

Resource link

15. Listing Homes On Airbnb

Air Bed And Breakfast renting company lets people share their apartment with guests to cover rents and for the guests, instead of hotels, you can use Airbnb.

As a renter on Airbnb, you can share as many as possible apartments you have and make money while on trips around the world.

Airbnb is cheaper than hotels because the homes don’t have overhead costs like hotels. Just log in on the website and list your apartment(s) for rentals and wait for cool cash.

14. Travel Agents

As a travel agent, you travel for free on FAM ( familiarization). With that, you will be able to sell the destinations to prospective clients with a touch of personal experience.

Selling vacations logistics and plans to clients saves them from the hustle of planning it on their own and that requests the ‘seller’ – travel agent to know what he or she is selling.

This is a sweet way of making money for every travel addict. The job doesn’t request any much skills –  they organize transportation, lodging, and activities, along with first-hand advice on destinations. And make up to $8,000 monthly.

13. Freelance Travel Marketing

With a marketing and business management background, you can help brands, businesses and authors get wider reception while on the go.

You can also work with national tourism boards or large travel brands like hotels, tour companies, magazines, etc.

Travel marketing can be very easy if you love to read, learn and unlearn a lot of things, sought reviews, etc.

Resource link on travel marketing

12. Programmer

Do you how to code if not you can learn to code – a high-paying job that can allow you to tour the world working on your laptops at the comfort of your hotels and Airbnb apartments.

Making good cash of $4,000 to $10,000 while on vacation every day.

11. Au Pair Job

This type of job requires not many skills, but for the love of traveling, learning other people’s cultures, you can take on one to cover your accommodation, food, health, and earn cash monthly.

Earning $500 to $150 while learning cultures and traveling is not bad at all.

These are the nannies, part-time house helps, etc.

10. Yoga Instructor

Are a Yoga instructor who loves to travel, jump on yoga jobs websites, land a job at a gym center, yoga camps, and fit was clubs around the world.

Do what you enjoy doing, get paid, and move on to the next job available in the next country.

9. Foreign Service Travel Job.

A professional who wants to render his or her service to a foreign company for the benefit of traveling? You can work with the foreign service or intergovernmental Organization (IGO).

These jobs pay good and they are open to only relevant degree holders and experiences in the US, UK, and Canada.

24. NGO Work / Peace Corps

If you want a unique and potentially life-changing trip, try volunteering with the Peace Corps or a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The pay isn’t great, but these travel jobs can provide rich experiences.

8. WWOOFer

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. This organization helps to connect budget travelers with organic farms around the world in need of workers. In return for working 20-30 hours per week, you’ll be given free food and accommodation.

Although you won’t be paid, this isn’t a real travel job – however, it’s a great way to cut travel expenses while you’re on the road.

7. Virtual Assistant

Many businesses and individuals hire virtual assistants to help them with administrative tasks, like scheduling and responding to customer inquiries.

This is due to office technology advancement aimed at reducing cost employee costs to sustain businesses.

As a virtual assistant, your task will be lesser compared to office workers hence you can take two or more, making $15 to 20 each an hour from all, and still handle them on the road.

6. Diving Instructor

Are you a diver? Your skills can help cushion your expenses as to unravel around the world. Dive zone can help you connect to potential employers with good payment.

5. Traveling Street Vendor

34 Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around The World.
Image from Ashantiempress.com

Locally made jewels work well with tourists who set out to explore cultures and ways of life. You can capitalize on this, source materials like leather,  woods, beads, and stones to make a variety of designs such as backpacks, necklaces, etc where tourist traffic is high on foot.

You can also target festivals around the world as you sell your products.

4. Web Or Graphic Designer

HTML, CSS, and PHP coupled with a good art mind on software like photoshop, WordPress, illustrator set these digital nomads aside. All they need is the laptop to execute tasks and get paid while touring the world.

Some spend years attending school and classes for this must with video tutorials, you can set yourself ready at this level as a web designer to earn $1,000 to $5,000 monthly.

3. Backpacker Hostels

Backpacker hostels offer accommodation to travelers at a cheaper rate in a dormitory-style and you can go in for one, and take a job in the hostel such as a bartender, front desk worker to cover accommodation and food also a little change to continue your journey.

Many hostels have long-term offers that attract better wages.

2. Remote Telecommunicating.

Depending on your profession and wherever you are, advanced technology is making working from home a better choice than having a huge number of offices.

You will only have to find your preferred job type, apply and decide whether to start at home and work or be a globetrotter with a high-paying white color job.

Data collection, research, sales, and administrative jobs are just google searches away but let me save you the hustle by providing you with this link.

1. Blogging

34 Jobs That Pay You To Travel Around The World.
Image from whatcaption.com

This made the number 1 not because it makes you richer quicker but in the long term, and it is one thing that will continue yielding results ( bringing money ) even when you decide to take a long vacation break to anywhere in the world.

A blogger is someone who owns a blog website and educates people with it on a particular topic ( niche ). It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but it is worth the time and all investments.

According to research, WSJ, CNN, BBC, and some others make more than $1m every month through monetizing content they provide their readers.

This list of jobs is in no specific order, but one thing common with all of them is, they are travel jobs. Travel jobs can be divided into 4 groups; 1. Digital nomads – Freelance developers, graphic designers, drop shippers, etc.

Number 2. Jobs that pay you to travel – these are traditional travel jobs like tour guides, ship workers flight attendants, etc.

Number 3. Expats Working And Traveling – Expats live in different countries away from their home country for work, for example; English teachers, Au Pairs, Government workers.

Number 4. Backpacker jobs; bartenders, hotel workers, surfing instructors, etc.

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