Chats: We Can’t Marry If You Still Live In A Family House- Lady Tells Boyfriend

A lady has told her boyfriend that she can’t marry him if he continues to live in a family house as it makes him irresponsible.

According to a leaked WhatsApp conversation between a lady and her boyfriend Jerry, she spelt it out in plain terms that they both can’t marry if he doesn’t pack out of his family house.

The 25-year-old lady said it’s height of irresponsibility for a 29-year-old “rich” man to still live with his family and even think of marrying and living with his wife in same family house.

“If we were married [before getting to know you’re living in a family house], I would just file for a divorce”, she said.

Her boyfriend Jerry however told her he stays with his mum because he’s her only son and his father, her mum’s husband, died too young so he is literary his mum’s husband.

Read their full WhatsApp conversation below…

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