+video: Another 50 Years Old Claims Paternity Of JJ Rawlings

Another 50-year-old son of late former president Jerry John Rawlings identified as Akwasi Addo George from Nkoranza Nkwabeng has popped up.

Akwasi George boldly revealed himself as the first child of the late president, Jerry John Rawlings and he comes after Abigail Rawlings (another self-acclaimed first daughter of Rawlings) surfaced online at the funeral rite of the former late president.

According to Akwasi George Addo, his mother told him before she passed away that his father was then president Jerry John Rawlings but he has never set his eyes on him.

Akwasi George explained that he comes from Kumasi, his mother was an Ashanti and was a maid to Sargent Bawa in Accra whose house was Rawlings’ ‘home’ where his mother got pregnant for him.

Mr. Akwasi Addo revealed that he was disappointed in Rawlings and his family because they never made attempts to make him see his biological father.

In Mr. Akwasi George’s submissions, he noted that he however became a target after he was discovered as the son of late Rawlings and Nana Konadu Rawlings wanted to end his life.

According to Mr. Akwasi Addo, the bodyguard of Nana Konadu Rawlings knew of him and his whereabouts and gave hints which he thinks nearly resulted in his death.

Akwasi George Addo revealed more about the late Rawlings including how he was ignored by the Rawlings family after all his mother and family members passed away.