Al-Majma’ah University Scholarship 2023/2024. Apply Now

The office of the Vice-rector at the university of Al-Majma’ah university heading the administration of Al-Majma’ah University scholarships has detailed how internal, external, and government scholarships for non-Saudis at the university can be won and exploited to make higher education easier for those who will be selected.

Scholarships at Al-Majma’ah university are into two main categories: Government scholarships – which also have two branches which are for non-resident [ external ] and resident [ internal ] international applicants and then the university’s scholarship which is for Saudis. This has three categories: free scholarship, partial scholarship, and paid scholarship.

However, in this article, we will give you a guide to applying to any of the scholarships as an international student whether internal or external, hence if you looking for a Saudi Arabian scholarship, try the Al-Majma’ah university scholarship per the steps detailed here.

Objectives Of Al-Majma’ah University Scholarship

The scholarship administration at Al-Majma’ah makes sure that the scholarship is used in achieving the following in the life of the students.

  • Teaching the Arabic language and spreading the culture of moderation
  • Being part of making excellent scholars in all majors who are capable of making changes in their communities
  • Attracting high-achieving students in order to create diversity and enrich the scientific research
  • Establishing academic and cultural bonds with educational organizations, Islamic organizations, and academic institutions around the world.
  • Building up the friendship between the world and the KSA.
  • Getting students across the world acquainted with the Kingdom and its renaissance in different aspects of life like science, economy, politics, culture, social science, and health care.

Description Of Non-Saudi Al-Majma’ah University Scholarships

  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded and merit-based
  • Level Of Scholarship: Undergraduate / Postgraduate
  • Duration: Full time
  • Eligible Regions: Worldwide

Benefits Of Al-Majma’ah University Scholarships.

  • Monthly stipends
  • Special attention for people with special needs 
  • Allowances for external scholarship students for books
  • Issuance of ATM cards and secret numbers
  • Accommodation and feeding

Conditions For Disbursing The Rewards

  • The student must be a regular full-time student
  • The students must have a Saudi mother or Non-Saudi [ external ]
  • The student must not be in any employment until he graduates

Conditions For Stopping The Rewards

  • If the student’s cumulative average is less than 2
  • Apologizing. postponing or dropping out of any semester
  • If the statutory period set by the college expires
  • If the student received disciplinary action for violating university regulations

Eligibility Requirements For Non-Saudi Internal Scholarship Applicants

  • All applications are done electronically through the admission portal on the designated dates and times. Manual application submission gets you disqualified
  • Applicant’s residence permits must be valid for at least 3 months from the time of application
  • Attach documents must be clear and accurate – that is my obtaining them by scanning the original documents using a scanner
  • Applicants must obtain a GPA of 80% at least or it’s equivalent depending on the admission requirements of each department. This is in exclusion to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology which require an average GPA of at least 90%
  • No other educational funding from any organization or institution in the KSA
  • No record of dismissal or misconduct from any Saudi Arabia institution.
  • The female student should be accompanied by a mahram (a male legal guard) according to the Regulations; this mahram should have a scholarship, have a regular residence permit (Iqama), or be employed by a Saudi employer in need of his services.
  • The student should not be less than 17 years and above 25 years at the time of application.

Eligibility Requirements For Non-Saudi External Scholarship Applicants.

When applying to the university of Al-Majma’ah from outside the Kingdom[ external applicant ], you must consider the following requirements in addition to those listed above. These are:

  • All attached documents must be from competent authorities in the country of applicants as well as the Saudi Arabian embassy in their country.
  • They must pass the medical examination conducted by the university
  • Recommendations by bodies, institutions, and persons may be required by the university.

Documents Required For Al-Majma’ah University Scholarship

  • Original High School certificate + four copies
  • A copy of a valid residence permit with the original for verification
  • A copy of a valid passport with the original for verification
  • A scholarship application for admission form.

And when you finally arrived in Saudi Arabia for your scholarship or admission, make sure you have the following documents with you for verification.

  • High school certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Medical report
  • Passport ( must be valid for at least 2 years since your entry to Saudi Arabia)
  • Recent colorful photo
  • Security clearance certificate from the student’s country of origin
  • The scholarship application form that was filled out for the online application

How To Apply For Al-Majma’ah University Scholarship

To apply, visit the admission portal and select ‘Request For A Scholarship For Nom-Saudi’ then proceed and fill in every required detail making sure you are doing that by the deadlines stated here. The video below details the application method. Do you want more editor-recommended scholarships in Saudi Arabia? Explore!