Partner Institutions Of MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program 2022

Mastercard Foundation Scholar program partner universities and non-governmental organisations run the application processes and all decision making individually with their set rules and requirements.

These partner institutions of MasterCard Foundation scholar program have their deadlines and application fees. In these articles, we will list the partner institutions from Secondary education to Master’s studies and their eligibility and admission criteria or benefits.

List Of Partner Institutions Of MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program.

List Of Partner Institutions Of MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program.

Partners Offering Secondary Education.

1 . CAMFED – launched and fully operational by the year 1998, is aimed at girls’ and women’s education. They get vulnerable ladies who are willing to learn and get educated in school, help them to learn, and support them to succeed which unlocks their will and power to lead. Effects positive changes in their lives and also their communities.

2 . Equity Group Foundation – This is a non-profit implementation foundation set up in 2008 based in Nairobi. They have partnered with MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program to transform the lives and livelihood of people by availing modern, inclusive financial services that maximise their opportunities.

Partners Offering Undergraduate Studies

1 . African Development University –  Based in Niger and committed to its aims of advancing Niger’s development and improving living standards for all. The institution is devoted to building skilled and ethical leaders.
Eligibility Criteria
• A.D.U recruited and educate the most brilliant and talented students in the region regardless of their financial means.
• Exceptionally brilliant or talented.
• Have leadership potential through proof of community involvement.
• Committed to the development Niger and Africa
•Excellent intellectual aptitude.

2 . African Leadership Academy – A Pan Africanist institution that seeks to identify, develop and connect young promising African leaders who will determine the future of Africa. Since ALA is unlike any institution you will come across, all they need from an applicant are:
Eligibility Criteria
•Intellectual readiness – Applicants must be mentally and intellectually prepared to step into a rigorous environment which will force them to push the boundaries of their learning.
• Interdependence – Applicants must know and recognize the fact that transformation is the product of working with and through, others – the ability to drive a team.

Ownership Applicants must be able to ‘drive the bus’ in the leadership journey. They envisage a destination and have the self-belief to take full control of their journey towards fruition.
• Courage And Perseverance – Applicants must have the courage to achieve and never get deterred.

3 . The American University Of Beirut – Promoting the health and well being of the population through quality higher education.
  Eligibility Criteria 
• Graduate scholarships are opened to Nationals fo Africa, Nationals Of Lebanon, Refugees and displaced people living in Lebanon.
• Selection and admission are based on Academic Promise, Financial need, Leadership Potential, and desire to give back to one’s community.
• Proof of Meeting RUSE [ Readiness For University Studies In English ] requirement.

4 . Ashesi University – A private non-profit institution with a mission to educate a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa.
  Eligibility  Criteria 
• Financially unsound.
• Academic Talent
• Leadership Potential

5. KNUST – This institution advances knowledge in Science and Technology for sustainable development in Africa.
Eligibility Criteria
• Applicants can apply with WASSCE or GBCE or ABCE or GCE O’Level and A’Level
• Applicants must be in critical economic need.
• Applicant must have a proven record of Leadership and Community Engagement. Read more on the KNUST MasterCard Scholarship. 

6. Sciences Po –  This is an international research university based in Paris, France. It is ranked among the top finest research institute in the world. Its focus is on humanity and social sciences.
Eligibility Criteria
• Applicant must be from sub-Saharan African countries.
• Applicant must have an outstanding academic record.
• Applicant must have strong leadership potential
• Applicant must have financial or any other barriers to higher education.

7 . University Of Abomey-Calavi – Just as most of the partner Institutions of MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program, Abomey Calavi University of Benin is also aimed at forming an elite class of students for the nation of Benin.
Eligibility Criteria 
• Candidate must be a Beninese
• Bachelor applicant must justify excellent academic results with at least the mention fairly well in the high school diploma of the scientific series C, D, E, F, DTI and DEAT of the years 2015-2016 or 2016-2017.
• Applicant must be from a poor background and must be able to prove it.

• Applicants must demonstrate a natural aptitude for leadership and entrepreneurship justified by positions of responsibility held in their school career or their involvement in extra-curricular associations.
• He/she must not be more than 23 years as of the 31st December of the current year and not be a beneficiary of any other scholarship

8. Cape Town University – South Africa’s oldest university is also among the partner Institutions Of MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program. The school is renowned for its leading role in teaching and research in the whole of Africa.
Eligibility Criteria 
• Academically talented
• Economically disadvantaged
• Ready to give back to their communities
• Natives of sub-Saharan African countries
• Must be applying to study in the fields of Commerce, Engineering and Built Environment, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law or Sciences at the University of Cape Town.

• Prospective scholars must be first admitted into the university.
• Preference will be given to ‘first-generation’ students, i.e. those who are the first ones in their families to go to university.

9 . Edinburgh University – The major role among others, of this university is the creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge. However, Edinburgh is no longer accepting applications for undergraduate entry.
Eligibility  Criteria
You must be a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country, whose personal circumstances would make accepting an offer from the University of Edinburgh difficult.

• Applications from Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe are particularly welcome.
• You must demonstrate a track record of leadership and service within your community.
• You must be able to present economically disadvantaged circumstances and be able to show that you lack financial means from family or other sources to pursue post-secondary (university) education in your home country or elsewhere.

10. The University Of Gondar – The oldest medical school in Ethiopia with the philosophy of a team approach and community-based teaching of health professionals.
Eligibility Criteria
• High demonstrated academic ability
• Leadership potential
• Socio-economic need and disability.

This is the list of partner institutions of MasterCard Foundation scholar program in Africa and in the diaspora offering undergraduate and graduate program scholarships. We provided links to all the institutions’ portals so you do more research before embarking on the application process.

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