Properties Destroyed at ATL, Oguaa Fight.

School properties vandalized and students wounded after a free-for-fight erupted among the students of ATL and Oguaa Hall in Cape Coast University on Friday Night

It is misty what set off the fight but an eye witness said it began after certain students of ATL beat up another from Casely Hayford Hall (CASFORD).

The CASFORD student visited a companion at Oguaa Hall, which was marking its Hall Week celebration.

The occurrence started a free-for-all fight, prompting the vandalisation of property.

School security brought in to stop the circumstance needed to withdraw, accumulated.

The Mariners, as ATL students are called, endeavored burning down Oguaa Hall, a student told on Saturday.

Talking on anonymity, the Level 200 studenT said the Mariners burnt a cruiser.

They took an Indomie seller’s gas cylinder, the witness stated, and put a match to it trying to “bomb” Oguaa Hall.

Oguaa Hall students additionally fought back by decimating property at ATL.

Already, a few understudies have been captured to help in investigation.

vandalized oguaa hall

The Vice Chancellor of UCC, Professor Joseph Ghartey Ampiah, is additionally said to have cautioned that any student discovered at fault will confront the full rigors of the University’s laws including being surcharged for the obliteration caused to property.