Video: 2010 Labadi Dancehall King Clash Was Meant To Crown Shatta Wale, But.. – Organiser Budda Man Speaks

The organizer of Labadi 2010 Dancehall King and Queen clash Charles Roger Beckley aka Budda Man has revealed that the show was meant to crown Shatta wale but Stonebwoy won.

Budda Man explained that he has kept quiet over that verdict on that fateful day because he felt like endorsing Stonebwoy’s victory could be a sign of biasness. As his only aim was to raise Shatta wale back onto his feet in the dancehall game because he has already made name before-hand under the name Bandana.

Budda man

He explained in a long Facebook post on his page. Read below.

Now for so many years i have been insulted and accused by all kinds of people of cheating for Stone Bwoy in the Dance Hall King 👑 and Queen 👑2010 that i and Madam Billy Jane organized at Labardi Beach which sparked this whole issue between Shatta Wale and Stone Bwoy.

For years i never spoke about it because if a father has two children and loves one more, as a wise father, i think he shouldn’t show, he is to treat them equal. So i didn’t want to speak to let one feel i was on the other side, but i have decided to give you the whole truth especially when i heard Samini said in that video that he thought Shatta Wale was to win that crown 👑..

It’s time to clear the waves. It’s a long story but take ur to read and understand so u don’t misinterpret. Now when Ghana had neglected Bandana and was not calling him for shows, i was organizing shows and always made sure i called Bandana bcuz i always had the dream of making Dance Hall music large in Gh.

Talk of my self, am a God Mc in dance hall music but my style is too exotic for Ghanaians to understand so i thought Bandana will be the right person to pave the way for the rest to follow since he had made wave already with (Bandana from Ghana).. 2. I also made some money from him because any time i mentioned Bandana to my contractors of the program, they paid good amounts. I took my share and gave Bandana’s share to him. Once Bandana gets his share, he was 100% sure to deliver trust me.

In 2009, i became an administrator at Labardi Beach 🏖️. BOOOoooM, it was the chance to show my brother Shatta Wale great love for all we have been tru together since i had the chance to organize a much greater show. Then i thought of Dance Hall King and Queen 👑. The plan was to crown 👑 Shatta Wale which was part of my agenda of making him pave the way to make Ghanaians understand and accept Dance Hall music, then the rest will be next to show real talents. This is part 1. Need more space. Part 2 follows…


Watch King Lagazee comment on the incidence which happened 10 years ago.

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