Young Girls Calm Down, Use The Body Part Many Forget To Use – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian top actress Yvonne Nelson has shared a word of education with the young ladies who think they are not perfect enough and will do anything to be ‘perfect’.

‘…This is a sincere and an honest post 🙏🏽 Calm down young girl, I AM NOT PERFECT , we aren’t perfect. Don’t push too hard to be perfect physically…..its ok to feel inadequate sometimes, we are only human …..put that energy into educating yourself. Use the part of the body many forget to use,

THE BRAIN, use it to its fullest, read, explore, Smile, speak up,don’t be afraid, breathe…. and know this one thing you are perfect in God’s eyes, you are different and that makes you unique. Never try to be someone else, don’t let them distract you! God has tailored your journey for YOU. Sending my love to you all. SMILE❤️❤️❤️YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️❤️. ..’