+Video: Turn Off Your Fan When S3xing – Nana Romeo

Presenter, Nana Romeo has advised men to keep their fans and air conditions off during intercourse with their partners.

Speaking on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment show ‘In Bed with Adwen’,he explained that keeping the fan or AC on during the game causes the lady to dry up and there is less lubrication hence, causing penetration to be difficult and painful.

He said, “If you’re having intercourse with a girl and her vayjay is dry, it’s painful. That is why you shouldn’t turn on your fan or air condition. It makes the place dry and the s3x won’t be nice so turn off your fan and AC and let the room get very warm.

F..k her till her vayjay is all heated up and your sweat is dripping all over her. That is when she will fan her p**sy when you’re done. It’s not that the sex was painful but because the place is hot and she needs to cool it down”.

According to him, any man who tries this will not have to go through the stress of using s3x gels or other forms of lubricants.