TYSON WILDER 2: Tyson Fury Brutalized Deontay Wilder.

TYSON WILDER 2: The second leg of the much hyped fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder saw a unimaginable combat as the favourite of the night Deontay Wilder lost so weakly.

The fight has Deontay Wilder going down twice and even third which was attributed equilibrium problem.

Tyson Fury took control of the fight from the first round to the seventh where the fight was stopped due to how blood was oOZING out of Wilder’s ear and mouth.


Tyson Fury has stripped all titles as WBC heavy weight champion of the world from Wilder, thereby becoming the current WBC heavy weight champion of the world.

He sang American Pie after the epic victory.


Wilder has 30 days to file for a rematch if he thinks he can undo the done And get his prestige back.