The President Is Not Sick, He Went To Visit – Eugene

The President is not sick nor going for medical attention at the Nyaho Hospital but for visit communications director at the presidency Eugene Arhin stated.

The latest trending video which suggests that President Nana Addo has been rushed to the hospital for medical attention is not true according to an insider.

In a video spotted by, the president was seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital according to the commentary that was given by the video recorder.

But in a sharp rebutter, the communications director at the presidency took to his official facebook page to shut the false news saying that the video is not what it seems but rather the president was there for a visit and he is not currently in the country. Which means the video is not today’s video.

This video is making the rounds on some social media platforms, and, unsurprisingly, some of our friends from the opposition, are claiming, with glee, that the President was rushed to the Nyaho Clinic. For the avoidance of doubt, no such thing happened.
The President on Wednesday, 6th November, after commissioning the Ga-East District Hospital, in Kwabenya, en route to Jubilee House, went to the Nyaho Clinic to visit Mr Tommy Amematekpor, a stalwart of the NPP, who is on admission at the Clinic.
The President, at the moment, is in Niamey, capital of Niger, attending the ECOWAS Extraordinary Session on Guinea Bissau.

Source: Yen