Teen Missing Two Weeks, Found Dead Trapped In A Chimney.

Harley Dilly disappeared with no trace on the 20th December last year and his corpse was found in an empty house under renovation in Ohio, USA on Monday 13th .

After he was declared missing, Police and investigators searched for little Dilly, 14, at his possible locations and even the empty house where he was later found with drones and on foot.

According to Police Chief Robert Hickman, the house was checked several times but because there was no evidence of force entry, there was no edge  to do deeper search in the house which perhaps could have led to his rescue alive.

The police believed that Dilly had climb a wall to the roof of the building and tried accessing the room by passing through the chimney, thereby dropping his glass and coat before he getting stuck in the chimney.

Police believe 4ft 9in, 100lb Dilly 'climbed an antenna tower to the roof and entered the chimney' before getting trapped between the first and second floors


The parents revealed that he sometimes spend nights away from home when he is angry and sometimes do run away from school. Perhaps the empty home is his second abode way from home.

The cops later found his glass and jacket on the floor of the chimney which was a clue that lead to the discovery of his dead body.