US Airbase In Iran Hit By Rockets.

The death of military leader Qasem Soleimani must be a deep wound for Iran as they promised to revenge appropriately.

According to BBC reports this evening, rockets believed to have been fired from Iran’s camp landed at one US Airbase in Iran just hours after Trump confirmed his readiness to strike Iran anytime if they throw any attack.

Iran must be on the verge of fulfilling their promises of ‘severe revenge’ for late Soleimani.

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Iran Placed 80 million Dollar Bounty On Donald Trump.

Iran is doing everything possible within their powers to hit US as hard as they can after killing Suleiman in drone attack on Friday.

During a televised burial service of the deceased, state broadcasters revealed that,  a dollar from every citizen of Iran for anyone who will get close to the head of American President Donald Trump.

Iran is currently having a population of about 80 million, thus $80 million for anyone who can bring Trump’s head to Iran.

Prior to that declaration, MP of Iran Abolfazl Aboutorabi revealed they can attack the heart of American politics [ white house] .


“We can assault the White House itself, we can react to them on the American soil, he said by the Iranian Labor News Agency.

“We have the force, and God willing we will react in a proper time.”

He proceeded to state that “this is an affirmation of war, which implies in the event that you delay you lose…”

When someone approached you with war, do you respond to bullets with flower? They will shoot you on the forehead. He added.

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