+video: Emmanuella, ‘This Is Not My Real Face’ Is Fully Grown

Emmanuella, 'This Is Not My Real Face' Is Fully Grown

Emmanuella Samuel, a Nigerian comedy princess who shot to fame after her catchphrase ‘This Is Not My Real Face oo’ became a household slang, drops a video as a full-grown girl but not a lady.

She became a popular screen girl after she participated in a family comedy skit during a family trip at the age of 5.

In the skit titled, “My Real Face,” she deformed her face to avoid the wrath of the headmistress and her daughter.


Consistently with more hilarious videos, Emmanuella cements her place in the heart of many netizens who watch her grow with humor.

In her latest video, Emmanuella looks pretty elegant than the face she painted in the hearts of her viewers or fans and that got some netizens confessing their intentions of sliding into her DM.