The Cause Of D-Black’s Bedroom Video Leakage Revealed.


Ghanaian rapper and business mogul Desmond Blackmond aka D-Black’s bedroom video with his former girlfriend circulated and still circulating. The trending video clearly shows that D-Black’s is fairly aware that he’s been recorded in the act. However, some netisens query if the video was released by the so called ex-girlfriend to tarnish the image of … Read more

D-Black Has Begun The Year By Helping A Single Mom.

Desmond Blackmore AKA D-Black, The CEO of Black Avenue Music has begun the year by blessing people as he bought new popcorn machine for a single mother

It all started when one twitter user, atoThaGiver replies the musician’s tweet with a request help for the lady:


Without doing much, D-Black jumped on the reply with eagerness to help the lady in question. He replied: “Mehn. If you’re being honest about this , tomoro let her come for a brand new pop corn machine from me.Dm Me her info”

Within 24 hours, he tweeted with the lady who won his gift. All these development in 24 hours. He tweeted:

She came and got it !! Popcorn Lady from Nsawam . @atoThaGiver thanks for tweeting bout ur sis . May God keep her and her kid safe. #LiftingTheGifted

See screenshot below:


Meanwhile, according to the other tweets on D-Black’s page, this is an initiative he has started to help people with smaller businesses to grow as he is supposed to fill up a shop for another woman.


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