Story Time: Chris The Hard Guy – Chapter III

It’s Tuesday morning. I’m still seated on my desk trying to concentrate on the monitor. My boss is not in yet. I hope he is coming. All I want to do is look at his beautiful eyes but I know it’s all a dream. He is probably in a serious relationship with whoever the b##ch is.

I don’t know her but I dislike her. I was thrown out of the magnificent house because of her.

Well, not literally thrown out but it’s all the same for me. I would like to see her. The way he says I’m not appealing to him makes me feel like she is a princess and I’m the ugliest thing in the world.

I remember I was supposed to call Ellen. I was so busy yesterday and I didn’t manage to call her. I still need her to help me with the revenge. I decide to call her before my arrogant boss comes in. I dial her number and wait for her to pick the call. She picks almost immediately and I already know she wants to start ranting.

“So you have finally remembered I exist b##ch!” That’s what we call each other most of the time especially when angry at each other.
“Come on Ellen! You are also silent on me.”
“ I thought you were so busy with Vincent and I didn’t want to disturb. You literally forgot about me. You are so into him.”

“ Actually, I’m calling about him. Can we meet later and talk?” I don’t want to tell her the details on phone. I know she will get angry and I don’t want to risk. She might decide to come at my work place and my boss is unpredictable.

“Is everything okay? If he has hurt you I will kick his AZZ.” I smile at her words. That’s exactly what we will be doing if she finds out what the pig did to me.
“No b##ch! You are not kicking anyone’s a AZZ..!” I stop midway and gasp when I notice my boss staring at me. He came in without me noticing and he has been listening to my conversation.

“ let’s meet at Highpoint club after work. I will give you the details.” I say and hang up quickly before she says anything else. I focus on the computer and ignore him. I’m not in the mood for his sarcasm. He is still standing there and I can feel his gaze on me.

“You are a good pretender Amelia. So you are going to pretend I don’t exist!” The way he mentions my name makes me feel a current flow through my body. I look at him and his eyes are burning into mine.

“Good morning sir? I hope you slept well.”
“Yes I did Amelia. Whose AZZ are we kicking?” A smile is twitched on his face.
“ No one sir! You shouldn’t have heard that.”
“ you are still going to Highpoint after what happened on Friday night?”
“What happened? I don’t remember anything happening.” I decide to be arrogant. He is intruding on my private life and it doesn’t concern him at all.
“You passed out on me and I had to take you to my place. I still imagine what would have happened if my girlfriend found you there.”
“Do you have to keep on saying that name to me sir? I know you have a girlfriend and you should not rub it to my face every time.” I notice I’m jealous and I look down in embarrassment.

“Are you jealous by any chance guzzler?” The name is back. I look at him and he is trying hard not to laugh.
“No way! Why would I be? I didn’t force you to take me to your place sir.”
“And that’s the same thing I see happening today Amelia!” He has a dark gaze on me.
“With all due respect sir, this is my private life and we are at work. I need to work before you decide to sack me.”
“Trying to evade the discussion, aren’t you? I will remind you something, tomorrow is a working day and if you get intoxicated I don’t see how you will work tomorrow.”
“ I know that so well sir. I’m just meeting a friend and I’m not going to take alcohol so don’t worry about my work tomorrow.” I don’t know why I’m explaining myself to him. I shouldn’t.

“ I highly doubt that but it’s okay. You look like a drunkard to me.” He is trying to annoy me.
“I’m not a drunkard! Circumstances forced me to drink that day.” I’m so pissed off. Why am I even explaining myself to him?
“What circumstances Amelia?” I can feel dragons flutter deep down my belly. He has such an effect on me.
“Private stuff sir. Can I work now?”

“I would like to hear them someday. I will leave you to work.” He goes to his office without saying anything else and I’m left there smiling. He is concerned about me. If he wasn’t, he would have reprimanded me for using my phone at work and being rude on him. He is so annoying but I can feel he has a soft side.

Just then, a woman gets in and stands before me glaring at me.
“I want to see Chris!”
“Good morning madam? Who is Chris?”
“Your boss you dumb AZZ!” She is so rude and I dislike her at once. I feel like calling her a b##ch but I have to be professional. So he is Chris!
“Sorry about that. Do you have an appointment madam?”

“I don’t need appointments to get in there b##ch.” She is so annoying. She makes for the door but I quickly stand before her and block her from opening the door. I can’t allow a b##ch to get me sacked. She can’t go in there without any appointment.

“Get out of my way b##ch!” I feel like punching her but I control myself.
“Sorry madam. I’m not allowed to allow anyone in there without an appointment. Those are clear instructions from my boss.”
She glares at me and I’m trying hard not to glare back at her. The door opens and I sigh heavily. He can now deal with his b##chy visitor.

“What is happening here?” I can trace anger in his voice and I tremble. “ What are you doing here Tina?”
“I’m here to see you baby. This b##ch won’t allow me to get in. Who is she anywhere.” So she is the girlfriend! She doesn’t like me and the feeling is mutual. I hate her.

“She is my new PA.” He looks at her with no expression on his face. He shifts his gaze to me and his gaze is so dark. I should apologize.

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t know who she is and you told me not to let anyone in without an appointment. Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay Amelia. You are just following my orders and I understand.” He is so soft on me and I can see Tina giving me a murderous look.
“Just sack the b##ch baby! I don’t like her! You could have gotten someone better. Why is she even here?” She is glaring at me and I feel like hauling myself at her and pulling her hair.

“Don’t call her names Tina! She is just doing her work. She is new here and she didn’t know you are my girlfriend.” He is so angry. I feel like hugging him for defending me.

“Are you defending her?”
“No Tina. It doesn’t cost anyone anything to be respectful. I’m the one at fault here. I didn’t show her your picture and tell her to let you in anytime you want.” You can’t fail to trace some sarcasm in his voice. I smile with satisfaction.

“Let’s go in and talk.” He adds and takes her hand. He pulls her inside the office and bangs the door behind him. He is so pissed off.
I go back to my desk and hold my head in my hands. She is the girlfriend and I don’t like her. I already hate her. She is not even beautiful. I don’t know what he saw in her. I’m better than her. I swallow bitterly. I don’t think I can date but I want him for just one day.

I hear the door being opened and Tina comes and bangs on my desk. She glares at me but I don’t glare back. I’m trying so hard to control myself from hitting her. I can tell it didn’t go well inside there.

“If you think you will have my man your are so mistaken b##ch! I know what ladies like you want. I know what you are up to. Many have tried before but they failed. He is mine! Am I clear?” She is bellowing at me and I can’t control myself anymore. Maybe I should give her a piece of my mind.

“With all due respect madam, that’s not what I’m here for. I’m not here to take your man as you put it. He is not my type of guy! I don’t date. I’m just here for money and not to look for men so don’t worry. Your man as you put it is safe. I like my men soft. Not the arrogant ones.” There! I have said what I wanted to say.

“You are so arrogant! I don’t know why you are here but I will make sure you get sacked.” She is sneering at me.
“It’s okay madam. Do your worst!”
She clicks and leaves furiously. It served her right. No one messes up with me. I gasp when I see Chris staring at me. He has a hard gaze on me. It means one thing, he has been listening to our conversation. He then smiles and approaches my desk. I thought he was furious but he is smiling.

“So I’m not your type! You like your men soft and not the arrogant ones!” His eyes are burning into mine.
“Sorry about all that sir! I know you are going to sack me after the way I talked to your girlfriend.”
“No Amelia! I don’t do that. She started it and she deserved it.”
I don’t know what I should say to him. Maybe I should say thank you for not getting sacked but I don’t. I just remain silent waiting for him to speak.

“Am I that arrogant Amelia?” There we go again. The mention of my name makes me shiver involuntarily. He bends over me and he is so close such that I can feel his warm breathe on my face. I feel like crushing my lips on his. I’m so uncomfortable. He notices how tensed I’m and smiles. He holds my chin and tips my head back such that I’m looking directly into his eyes. I try averting my eyes but he holds my head steadily.

“ Answer me Amelia. Am I that arrogant?” his words are in a whisper.
“I don’t know you that well but the part I have seen, you are arrogant.” I don’t flinch when I say the words.
“Mmmh! I see!” He lets me go and I sigh heavily. I had been holding my breathe. He notices it and laughs.
“Do I make you that uncomfortable?” A smile is twitched on his lips.
“Not at all. I just want to work sir. Can I please?”
“Sure Amelia. I will see you later!” he smiles and enters his office. That was so close. I would have hauled myself at him.

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