Sarkodie Reacts After Fans Trolled Him For Doing Less About Corona Outbreak

Sarkcess Music boss Sarkodie got lashed by the media on how he became silence about the corona virus outbreak after returning to Ghana, whilst his colleagues are donating sanitizers and preaching the message via their pages.

Sarkodie posted a photo in a summer coat as if there is nothing going on in the country. His fans and social media didn’t spare him.

In a sharp u-turn, the rapper reacted by educating the media and his fans about the dangers of exposing one self to the virus in his previous posts.

These were his words;

I get how we would wanna use jokes and humor to go through these times ( which is necessary to help with our minds ) but guys this is something serious happening and we need to treat it as such … Please let’s take the precautions serious #CoronavirusPandemic

I see my people out there still gathering in groups and some actually partying… I’m from Africa and I know how important socializing is to us but guys Pleeeease stay home for sometime to save yourself, your loved ones and others 🙏🏾 #COVID19

And please note: the numbers out there in the media is for those tested which I believe is way less than the actual number of people with the virus 🦠 #CoronavirusPandemic

Not been saying much about it but I do think about what’s happening a lot … just trying to figure it out but too many informations out there and you wouldn’t even know which to take. All we got to do at this point is to stay safe … #COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic