Guy Hospitalized After Oral S3x, His Tongue Is Glued.

Oral sex is when you use your tongue to lick the private part of a woman during love making or in any case.

The good and bad of this were not well communicated for lovers who would love to do it, think ahead.

However, as the saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher,’ a university student has learnt his lessons after indulging in the act with a lady.

In a conversation with a Nigerian relationship expert Joro, the unidentified man who is believed to be a Nigerian revealed that he did it against his will – to impress and make the lady feel good.

He also disclosed that his last savings were what he used to clear his bills as the lady was nowhere to be found after the incident.

His advise is screenshot below.

Question: Will ever do that? And for what reason ? To impress her or make her feel good sexually ?