Kwame Asare Obeng aka A Plus has compared the current NPP leadership under president Akufo Addo to a lemon.

The ace highlife and rapper who centered his music career on addressing political issues through music has once more stated his disappointment in Akufo-Addo led NPP government over what he described as ‘China Spec NPP led by the Sakawa Boys’


A Plus’ comment came after one Mr. Kobby Mensah who claimed to have been relieved of his job at HOTCATT when disagreed and criticized the government on DCA-defence cooperation agreement with the US revealed his experience with the Akufo Addo led NPP.

A Plus blasts Akufo Ad do led NPP

Let’s assume Kwame A Plus is angry because he was looking for something he did not get. What about all the other people who supported this government to win power but are also very disappointed – like Dr Kobby Mensah who was appointed to HOTCATT, Professor H.K Prempeh who was approached by this government to draft the Special Prosecutor bill, Kofi Bentil who join occupy Ghana to protest against the Mahama government and Bright Simons?

What about Martin Amidu who they appointed special prosecutor? Why is Vim Lady angry? What about Mannaseh? What about Franklin Cudjoe who was part of occupy Ghana? Why is Bernard Avle disappointed? Kwame Afrifa was MC at some of their rallies in 2016, why is he disappointed? What about the millions of Ghanaian who are so disappointed that they now “say NDC and NPP are the same?” Are all these people wrong? Are they looking for something that they did not get? Or they angry because they have all lost contracts at Bost like Kwame A Plus?

To be honest, NPP is a great party. 💘💝❤ The only problem is that in choosing a flagbearer to lead them into the 2016 election, they bought a lemon. This government is made up of criminals who have cooked the book multiple time with impunity because they believe that they are the real owners of the country and that Ghana has no history without them. They are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and must be removed.

A driver with a fake driver’s licence who steals the daily sales and helps his mate to steal his passengers goods – that is how best to describe Akufo Addo and his government. I used to assert that he Nana Akufo Addo is not in cohorts with the criminals in his government. That is a barefaced lie!!! He knows everything. He is part of everything!!! To find favour in this government, you are required to remain silent and have an unrestrained appetite for stealing. We must all come together to see the back of this particular NPP. They are a disgrace to the Dankwa-Busia-Dombo tradition.

J.A Kuffour sacked Osafo Marfo. JA Kuffour didn’t want Nana Addo to be president. JA Kuffour was right!!! Long live John Agyekum Kuffour, Long live the original New Patriot Party 🔴🐘🔵🐘⚪🐘🔴🐘🔵🐘⚪ Short live this current fake “China spec” NPP led by the Sakawa Boys!!! – He wrote.

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