Video: Mother Who Poisoned Her Two Kids Speaks

Family members of a woman believed to be in her twenties who poisoned her two little children have broken silence on the matter.

Residents at Tema New Town were thrown into a state of shock on Thursday when news broke that the young woman, named Abigail had poisoned her two little children.

The lady is alleged to have killed the children using ‘rat poison’ which she bought from the open market.

The children, two and one-year-old reportedly died in their sleep after the concoction had been administered to them.


Though it is not clear what might have triggered her action, Abigail’s sister explains she has a mental disorder history.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem show, she disclosed Abigail was some time ago taken to a prayer camp where she is believed to have been healed.

“We are not financially fit to take her to the hospital so we resorted to the church and she has since been okay but we never heard she threatened to poison her children though we stay in the same area.

“I even met her Thursday morning and asked of the children but she told me they were still sleeping only to later hear of the unfortunate incident,” she said.

She stressed life has been hell for Abigail as she can barely afford a three-square-meal because her husband is not supportive.

“I sometimes provide money and food for them since the husband always fights her when she asked for money,” she sobbed.

Meanwhile, Abigail has been released after her mental disability history was made known, however, she is always available to aid in investigation per the police reports.

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