How To Wear Your Nose Mask Properly

Wearing of nose mask and using of hand sanitizers are the secondary precautionary measures in this dire time of corona virus aside frequent washing of hands and social distancing.

However , it’s not every mask that you can buy and wear as the medically approved ones has specific features and way of wearing it to save you from the virus.

The medically approved nose mask has a light blue color on the outside which makes it water proof and on the inside, white and absorbent. And also a thick top and bottom border, a mask which is not having such features is not for preventing infections, perhaps for fashion, construction work or other things.

Now how do you wear it ? The white and absorbent part covers your mouth and nose to prevent whatever fluid from your mouth and nose by cough or sneeze from flying out whiles the blue waterproof outside prevents any incoming micro particles from getting to you. After putting it on, squeeze the top border above your nose to to fit on.

Now as soon as you put on a mask, consider it dirty, therefore the next thing after removal is to dispose it off.

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