How to Choose the Best Free CRM for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Free CRM for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Free CRM for Your Business

CRM systems have long been firmly established in the lives of almost all modern entrepreneurs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a service that helps build relationships with customers. Using this tool, data is collected about the company’s partners: analysis of their actions, sales statistics, study of customer interest, and employee functionality. The CRM system creates a client profile and automates business processes.

Essentially, we are talking about a file cabinet that will be available on a computer or phone. All necessary data is stored here, and the buyer’s interest in a particular product is displayed. The main thing is that the application is convenient and understandable.

We invite you to check out the three best free CRM systems for business in 2024. The basic functionality of these systems can be used for free, but for advanced features, you need to purchase a paid version. The selection is based on ratings of CRM systems and reviews from experts.


One of the most popular free CRM systems. It has a mobile application and everything you need to control business activities. Creation of documents, customized funnels, sales tunnels and robots that help entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. It’s convenient that everything is sorted into folders: calendar, tasks, chat, calls and much more.

The size of the free plan is 5 GB. It is valid for an unlimited number of employees and is accessible from any browser. Of course, not all functions work here, but for normal work, it is quite suitable: the tariff includes communication with colleagues, in particular, group chats, video calls, and thematic channels. There is also the ability to create a calendar for proper planning, add an unlimited number of transactions, support the client through the sales funnel, and warehouse accounting.

 Instant synchronization with external calendars (Google Calendar, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Office 365) is also possible. However, it should be noted that the free version does not have a support feature.

Main characteristics

Number of contacts Unlimited number


Communication with colleagues, group chats, video calls, creation of thematic channels, work calendar, adding an unlimited number of transactions, client support through the sales funnel, warehouse accounting 


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include:

  • Wide range of functions.
  • Availability of a mobile application.
  • An unlimited number of users.


  • Full personnel management is available only on a paid plan.

CRM Capsule

The free version of this business CRM system has 250 contacts available. Two representatives of the company will be able to work on it in this format. There is not much space for data storage – only 10 MB. Paid plans offer a wider range of features.

The platform pleases with its clear interface and works with various applications. So, it integrates with Google Apps and other services. You can also import contacts, tables and CSV from various computer systems. Transactions can be tracked at different stages. A convenient calendar is provided for planning.

Main characteristics

Number of contacts In the free version up to 250


Sharing contacts with employees; classification of contacts; adding notes about conversations; email message tracking; storage of documents; functional dashboards; sharing information; reports; creating tasks, meetings, calls and more; setting up sales and processes

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Clear interface.
  • Compatible with other applications.
  • High-quality process automation.


  • No reminders about corporate events.
  • Low amount of memory and contacts in the free version.


A Cases mobile application was created for this CRM system. It is convenient for communicating with clients, as well as for monitoring the company’s activities. Emails are automatically generated into applications. The app integrates with CRM, project management, invoicing and any other Apptivo apps.

The platform has a user-friendly interface with intuitive dashboards and flexible tools for work. Marketing processes are automated. The free version is available for up to three users and includes the most basic features: email data import, sales process tracking, sales pipeline management, and more. The system is available for use on Android or iOS devices and is integrated with Office365 and G Suite.

Main characteristics

Number of contacts Unlimited number


Sales process tracking; project management; online invoicing; web help desk; expense reports; field service; procurement; order management.

Advantages and disadvantages


The starter version is free for three users and comes with 500 MB of storage.


  • The free version does not have marketing tools.
  • It does not support third party integrations.
  • Not the most intuitive user interface.

How to choose a free CRM system for business

As most experts in this field note, CRM systems are only conditionally free. In any case, in order to fully run your business, you will need to fork out a little. Nevertheless, such versions are suitable for starting or not at the highest speeds. We’ll tell you how to choose a free CRM system for your business.

In general, it doesn’t matter which CRM you choose, whether it’s paid or free. The approach to selection does not change and depends only on the specifics of your business.

First of all, you need to make a list of requirements for CRM. You need to understand what you expect from her and what needs she should satisfy. What settings does it need to have, and how flexible should it be? After you write them down on a piece of paper, these requirements need to be ranked in order of importance.

And, based on the fact that you don’t want to spend money, you need to think about which functions you are willing to sacrifice if necessary and which ones – under no circumstances. Next, you need to conduct market research and correlate your CRM requirements with the capabilities of the programs offered today. And ultimately, choose the system that will best meet your needs.

Experts also advise paying attention to a number of points important for business in 2023-2024.

A clear interface is the most important thing because everyone who uses the system must understand how it works. If it is a set of numbers and incomprehensible words, then nothing good will come of it. Each column must correspond to the stated topic and display the necessary information.

Safety. Make sure that there are no complaints about the system regarding the penetration of unauthorized persons into it. It is important that there is limited access – not all employees should have this or that information, much less strangers.

Process automation. When certain data on sales, products, etc. must be entered manually, the very meaning of having a system is lost. The platform itself must sort the information into the necessary sections.

Possibility of adding functions and integration. Almost always they will be paid, but, nevertheless, expanding the contact list, integrating with other programs – browsers, social networks, telephony services – these are necessary tools.


It is worth noting that free things in life are rarely ideal. And it is unlikely that you will find a solution that will 100% meet all your needs. You will have to find a compromise and sacrifice some functionality or convenience. And if a small company, for the sake of saving money, can adapt to a not-very-pleasant interface or do without the necessary settings, then in larger enterprises, using a free solution can be downright dangerous. What is the likelihood that the software will develop how you need and have support? What if something happens to the program, such as it breaks, stops functioning, or blocks your access?

Make informed decisions based on analytics and risk assessment. In this case, you will definitely be sure of the correct choice and will not regret it.

We wish your business prosperity!