Video: How Can You Be Fighting For George Floyd Whiles Attacking Kelvynboy- Strongman

Former Sarkcess Music Record label signee Strongman has hit hard at those who always criticize signees wrongly for  every little thing.

In an phone interview, the rapper revealed that being  signed onto a music label is not a blessing as many perceived in Ghana here but a business. He revealed that he had a far worse experience at his time under Sarkcess Music however he has to respect the brand so he kept mute and the funny part is people still say he is ungrateful.

Strongman made it clear that being signed onto a record label in Ghana is just like partnering with someone for work over a period of time; you work, get paid and the boss gets his share too.


However in Ghana, as soon as you refused to surrender, ventured into finding your own way, people tag you as an ungrateful person.

Touching on Kelvynboy’s experience at Ashaiman, Strongman suggests strongly that the masses have to be educated about the fact that whatever happens between a signer and a signee, it’s all stays in the showbiz and shouldn’t go to the extent of assaulting the signeees as he has been a victim of cyber bully from Sarkodie fans after condemning the attack on Kelvynboy.

for how long are we going to sit there and fight for George Floyd whilst Kelvynboy is dying here? He queries.

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