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Video: Floyd Mayweather ‘Dropped’ His Cars For A Bike



Video: Floyd Mayweather 'Dropped' His Cars For A Bike 2 » Best Tech News, Gadgets, FinTech and Telco news.

Floyd Manny Mayweather caught on tape ridding a bike aside his luxury cars

Born in a deprived home, he rose to the top of the world with his career as a boxer who is also known for flaunting his wealth on the media.

The legendary boxer owns a list of expensive cars which include Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari 458 Italia, LaFerrari Aperta and a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, which is arguably among the most expensive and rare cars to have ever been manufactured.

Despite all the listed cars above, Floyd was spotted comfortably cruising a bike behind one his expensive cars in Miami as he wave fans who were so excited seeing the ‘money man’.


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