Video: Angela Okorie Speaks For The First Time After Her Attack, Shows x-ray Of Bullet Holes In Her Skull.

Popular Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie who survived a deadly robbery attack has garnered enough energy to speak to her worried fans.

Late yesterday, we updated an information about how the actress was attacked and shot several times on her way from a nightclub.

The actress has finally for the first time after the news broke out.


…Undiluted grace will never stop to exist in my home,
10 bullets was removed from my head and 2 bullets close to my eyes,
God alone deserves all the glory and honor
You are God all by yourself,
I am a child of Grace

Thank you lord
Nothing in this world will ever make me ungrateful for all you’ve done in my life
And family,
The assassins kept on shooting for 30 minutes, No help from anywhere,
No human came for our rescue
Only God came for our Rescue..’

Below is an x-ray of her head revealing the holes that were left behind by the purported 10 bullets removed from her head.

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