“Your Big Us$less Head” – Twene Jonas Loses Grip On Akuffo Addo Again

America based Ghanaian video director and socialite Twene Jonas has lost his emotions on the political leaders and the president of the nation once again.

In his latest video which he calls a call to order has him calling bams to the first gentleman of the land names as usual.

This time around, Twene Jonas’ grief is based on the fact that President AkuffoAddo hired a private jet of $15,000 per hour during his most recent travel out of the country.

He lamented bitterly about how the President travelled out of the country on that high budget when there is a Presidential Jet that he can use and save the said amount for any developmental work.

Lack of infrastructure especially in the educational system and pending salaries was what he hit on hardly. Wath the video below:


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