Video: You Have Nogokpo Juju – Ayisha Modi Defends Obofour In Replies To Nana Agraada

Social media critic and die hard fan of Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi has reacted to several cyber attacks coming from several angles against Reverend Obofour by lambasting Nana Agraada as a scapegoat.

Recently on Thunder TV, Nana Agraada accused some notable pastors of duping their church members to maintain their flashy lifestyles. During the TV session, she made mention of Bishop Obinim and Reverend Obofour who are well known for giving out cars and huge cash amounts to their church members.

She furthered by saying that, the cars Obofour give to his church members and assistant pastors are smuggled cars from Togo, thus they are not genuine.

However, the accusations by the Naana Agraada didn’t go well with Ayisha Modi [ sister of Zack, Lilwin’s ex manger] who seems to know more about her, stooped to defend Reverend Obofour.


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She started by asking why Ghanaians hate on anyone who has money and doing well, e.g NAM1? According to her, the Pull Him Down [ PHD ] attitude of Ghanaians is too much and it is becoming so annoying that even those who suppose clean themselves are rather trying to clean up someone who is better than them and that is Naana Agraada.

She accused the Fetish Priestess of using Nogokpo juju for her victims who never get any positive result from visiting her shrine, tarnishing anyone who is doing better than and many more in a strong language.

She continually dared Nana Agraada to talk about Reverend Obofour again, and she will have her to wrestle with. Watch the video below.