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Woman Embarrasses Her Husband’s Side Chick At The Hospital



Woman Embarrasses Her Husband's Side Chick At The Hospital

Embarrassment was written all over the face of a side chick who acts madam at night but sick and bedridden at night with someone’s Doctor husband.

It was a planned, tracked, and executed operation for the boss madam who got tipped about how a lady always visits his husband at the hospital at night with a fever.

It became very odd and suspicious after this side chick’s fever never got cured after several doctor prescriptions and visits.

As a master planner, boss madam waited for another visiting hour for this side chick patient to be admitted at the hospital – only if she had any idea of what was waiting for her.

Technical Knockout ( TKO) , it was in favor of Boss madam at the hospital. Watch the video below:



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