Why #SpeakUpGhana Is Trending On Twitter ?

Why Is #SpeakUpGhana Trending On Twitter ?
Why Is #SpeakUpGhana Trending On Twitter ?

For the past few years, Ghana and its leadership have been the most talked-about than any business opportunities and gateways by the citizens who played the role by selecting these leaders. Have they woken up? NO!

Whilst one may say, Ghanaians have woken up from the mental chains of these sweet-talked politicians, it is highly believed that they only do after voting and placing priorities in the hands of these leaders who turn to disappoint and abandon the promises made to them during their campaigns seasons – a reason some see the campaigns season as a harvest time to gain a token from these politicians.

Ghanaian Twitter space has been occupied by #SpeakUpGhana and it has been trending for more than 24hours now. This is at the back of what many describe as the inability of the citizens to hold the ruling government accountable for failing them just months into the second term of its rulership. A term Ghanaians were promised and are to expect heavens.

Ghana has been hit by high taxes, massive power outages with more to come in the remaining of the year, per the words of the energy minister. Higher cost of living, the highest margin of road accidents, illegal mining alongside its damages.. just to mention a few. And yet, some bigger mouths are not speaking, perhaps they may lose their source of living.

#speakUpGhana is highlighting reasons Ghanaians must speak up against the bad state of the country with swift comparisons just as they did when former John Mahama was doing the ‘most’, but never appreciated and recognised.


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