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Whites Kneel Begs Blacks For Forgiveness For Racism



Whites Kneel Begs Blacks For Forgiveness For Racism 2 » Best Tech News, Gadgets, FinTech and Telco news.

A trending video has a group of whites both men and women on their knees begging blacks for forgiveness.

According to a source, Houstonians gathered yesterday May 31 at Cuney Homes in Third Ward to pray for the family of George Floyd. It should be remembered that George Floyd was murdered by  white policeman who kneeled on his neck until he passed out.

Reportedly midway through the prayer service, the whites in attendance went down on their knees with tears, begging the blacks in attendance for years of racism.

The black community in attendance accepted their apology and joined them as they continued the prayer.

However, a school of thought believes that the act was just a ‘rough play’ as they are likely to join their ‘racist’ colleagues later. But we hope it will be tip of the peace iceberg.