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Watch: Lady Cries Over Been Mocked For Her Saggy Bre@st.



Lady cries over her saggy breast

A Nigerian lady took to social media to make a video of herself lamenting over the fact that she’s always body shamed because of the nature of her saggy bosoms.

According to the yet to be identified lady, her saggy boobs have been that way since she started developing them as a woman and if she probably could change it, she would.

Lady cries over he me saggy boobs

She says she can’t change what her bosoms look like but she wishes people would change how they address her when they see her because it’s been making her seriously depressed for a long time.

In the video she made, she breaks down in tears as she revealed that it’s hard living in a country where people are always quick to insult her because of the nature of her bosoms.


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