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video: Scary Daylight Robbery Caught On Cam.



Scary Daylight Robbery Caught On Cam

Crime is rising at a high rate all over the world and its signs are all at sight. A typical case is where two teenagers suffered a robbery in broad daylight of their phone by knife-wielding thugs while making content for their tiktok page.

An innocent kid who was recording a video for his TikTok page got the shock of his life when robbers rushed to him and took away his mobile while wielding a knife.

The scary video of the daylight robbery has exposed the high level of insecurity in different parts of the country.

video: Scary Daylight Robbery Caught On Cam. 4 » Best Tech News, Gadgets, FinTech and Telco news.

In the viral video, two men riding on a motorbike approached the kid and a teenager who were recording TikTok videos in a deserted street and quickly jumped off the bike armed with a knife and aims at the mobile phone.

Loud cries can be heard in the background as the knife-wielding thug struggles to snatch the smartphone from the terrified kid.


The scary video was shared by a concerned Kenyan on Twitter who wrote, “A close call. Just happened in Kikuyu. Robbery in broad daylight”.


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