Vic Di Criscio Scholarship – Best Way To Apply 2023/2024

Knowing how important post-high school education is in the tech business, Vic established the annual Vic Di Criscio scholarship to help students to cut down the financial stress associated with higher education in the US.

Together with his team, he identifies the most meritorious and also needy students through the scholarship application and the essay theme for the annual $1,000 financial gift to help them be more focused on their studies than on thoughts of how to find funding for their education.

The Vic Di Criscio Scholarship

The aim of this financial aid in form of a scholarship is to discourage that brilliant but needy student from giving up on his or her dreams and aspirations. All it takes to win this scholarship is a good application and a well-penned original and convincing based on the theme below and you are set to receive the $1,000 cushion from Vic Di Criscio.

Eligibility Requirements For The Vic Di Criscio Scholarship

1. Applicant must be a US citizen or permanent resident and have proof to show for that

2. A senior student at any recognised or affiliated college can apply. And also, sophomore or a junior too.

3. The scholarship will be awarded in any subject offered by the university.  Read more eligibility criteria here 

How To Apply For The Vic Di Criscio Scholarship

In applying for the scholarship, applicants must make sure they furnish their application with the following details :

1. First And Last Name

2. Contact Number

3. Mailing Address

4. Email Address

5. And if the applicant is still in high school, he must add the following details

  • Date of graduation
  • The university or college he has applied to

6. And if the applicant is a sophomore/junior/freshman, he must do well to add the following details as well.

  • The accredited institution he or she is currently enrolled at.
  • Your current GPA

Supporting Documents For Vic Di Criscio Scholarship

1. Applicant must write original content discussing the topic ‘Choose your favourite brand and analyze its marketing and communications strategy.’ And the application must be submitted through the official scholarship email

2. Applicant must have to demonstrate proficiency in the English Language

The deadline for this application is 15th March for this academic year but the year 2023 / 2024 is yet to be announced, while we try to get the dates and other details for you, keep eye on the scholarship website for any updates.

Who Is Vic Di Criscio

Vic Di Criscio is well-known in digital marketing. For his contribution to society and his consistent humanitarian projects. Vic is generous and also passionate about helping others in distress. Numerous bright scholars are giving up their dreams of pursuing post-secondary education because the tuition fees and also other living expenses are just not feasible or affordable anymore.

Even scholars who had chalked out a clear-cut college savings plan have come to realize that their savings are just not adequate enough to meet all requirements including tuition fees, living costs, or textbook expenses. And also performance-based fellowship. It is gift money that doesn’t need to be returned.

However, it is only a one-time opportunity. Given to you to avail yourself of the amount for resuming your education.  Check out the list of top 10 active scholarships in the US