Top Of The List Foreign Universities That Accept WASSCE Results In 2022.

The list of foreign universities that accept WASSCE results in 2022 is quite encouraging and there is a high chance that you can get into a college or university away fromm your country with that result.

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However, this is the sole decision of the universities and colleges and not the countries in which they are situated.

What that implies is that a university may accept it while another in the same country will not.

What WASSCE Grades Can Get You A University Abroad?

As said earlier, the decision to take students with WASSCE results into colleges and universities is the sole decision of the school in question, so that means they have their grade cut off points that you must meet to stand a chance.

Making As and Bs on your WASCCE result is good footing as no school can doubt the confirmed results of students with such grades but some also request you to take their one-year foundational/bridging program to equip you.

So, if you are reading this as a Senior High School student, my advice for you is to sit your WASCCE exam once and for all with only As and Bs, and that can only be achieved through studying hard.

Which Countries Accept WASSCE Results In Their Universities?

The following countries accept WASSCE results into their universities for intended undergraduate programs.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Canada

List Of Universities That Accept WASSCE Results In The US.

Houston University

The third-largest university in Texas with more than 47,000 students. It is a tier-one research institute with an impressive 63% acceptance rate and 59 graduation rate.

Founded in 1927 as a flagship institution under the University of Houston System, the university was renamed from University Park to Houston University in 1991. The campus spans 667 acres of land in southeastern Houston.

Admission To Houston University With WASSCE: Requirements

Freshman applicants from Ghana must provide evidence of completion of Senior High school by submitting the following:

  • Official West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination issued by the West African Examinations Council (must be sent directly from the board WAEC) or the purchase of a scratch card (please mail the actual card to the university)

Kansas State University

Another research university is based in Kansa in the US. It has an acceptance rate of 94% and a graduation date of 64%. Kansas State University embraces diversity, encourages engagement, and is committed to improving the quality of life of those we serve through education.

Admission To Houston University With WASSCE: Requirements

Before you will be accepted into the university as an international student, you must present your SAT Test. Use this link to find out more and apply for admission.

List Of Universities That Accept WASSCE Results In The UK.

Sheffield University

The University of Sheffield (informally Sheffield University) is a public research university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Sheffield is a multi-campus university, predominantly in two campus areas: Western Bank and St George’s. The university has five academic faculties composed of multiple departments. It had 20,005 undergraduate students and 8,710 graduate students in 2016/17.

Sheffield ranked 75 worldwide and 13 in the United Kingdom according to QS World University Rankings and 106 in the world and 12 in the United Kingdom according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

He ranked 12th in the UK among the multi-faculty institutions for the quality (GPA) of his research and his research power in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. In 2011, Sheffield was named “University of the Year” “at the Times Higher Education awards.

The 2014 Survey on the experience of students of higher education classified the University of Sheffield as the first in terms of the student experience, social life, university facilities, and accommodation, among other categories.

Admission To Sheffield University With WASSCE: Requirements.

The University of Sheffield accepts many different qualifications from Ghana and African students.  Some of the most common are listed below. If your qualification is not listed here, use this link to contact and enquire.

Birmingham University

Another public research university is situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK with an acceptance rate of 74%.

Admission To Birmingham University With WASSCE: Requirements

Birmingham University has the second-largest group of students as African in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. More than 200 Nigerians and more than 30 Ghanaians form the majority of the group.

With English and Mathematics between grades A to C on your WASSCE result, you stand a chance of enrolling in the university’s undergraduate programs.

It is highly advisable to get in touch with the school via their inquiry form and do more information inquiries before applying.

University Of Kent

Another research university with an 84% acceptance rate with 56% graduation rate. They consider all applications on individual merits and welcome students from Ghana with a wide variety of qualifications and experience. Please note that some departments may have slightly different entry criteria.

Admission Into Kent University With WASSCE: Requirements.

The University considers students for foundation entry who have completed the SSCE (Senior School Certificate of Education) also known as the WASSCE, normally validated by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

Students will be considered on an individual basis. We typically require students to have taken a minimum of five subjects (including English), and to have achieved a minimum grade C or 6 in each subject. Higher average grades may be required depending on the entry requirements of the degree program to be taken after successful completion of the foundation course.

Use this link for more info.

University Of Bristol

The University of Bristol has its organization into six academic colleges comprising several schools and departments that teach more than 200 undergraduate courses located largely in the city’s Tyndall Park area.

The University of Bristol occupies 44th place in the QS World University 2018 ranking and ranks among the top 10 universities in the UK by QS.

They have an acceptance rate of 67.3% and a graduation rate of 19.41%.

Admission Into Bristol University With WASSCE: Requirements.

Applicants who have completed high school in Ghana are usually exempt from providing additional evidence of their English language ability.

Find more info on enrolling at Bristol university with WASSCE results.

Note: Applicants with the Senior School Certificate combined with a successfully completed appropriate Bristol foundational /bridging program will be considered for admission to our Bachelor’s degree courses.

The University Of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a public research university in Manchester, England, formed in 2004 by the merger of the Institute of Science and Technology of the University of Manchester and Victoria University of Manchester.

Being a red brick university, it is a product of the civic university movement of the late 19th century.

It has an acceptance rate of 70.4% and a graduation rate of 54.4%.

Admission Into Manchester University With WASSCE: Requirements.

• Grade B3 (in WASSCE) is required in five relevant subjects (including Maths and Physics), with all remaining subjects at C4 or above.

• C6 in WASSCE in the English Language

• For some courses higher grades in other science subjects may be required depending on the chosen pathway

Students who earn five high marks on the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) Level B2, including all Science, Mathematics, and English subjects, get consideration for University’s Science and Engineering with an integrated foundation year program with those above-stated grades as the minimum requirement. More info.

Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is a public research university in London, England, and a constituent university of the Federal University of London.
In 2019/2021, it had 17,140 students and 4,000 Staff.

The Queen Mary is organized into three faculties: the College of Human and Social Sciences, the College of Science and Engineering and Barts, and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Queen Mary University of London has an acceptance rate of 44.2%.

Admission Into The Queen Mary University Of London With WASSCE: Requirements.

The West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE) and the Senior School Certificate (NECO) are not currently accepted for entry to any of youe school’s bachelor’s degree programmes.

However, applicants that have completed the WASSCE or NECO can be considered for entry to one of the International Foundation Programmes. These provide opportunities for students to progress to a linked bachelor’s degree program one year later, providing that the foundation program is satisfactorily passed. More info

List Of Universities That Accept WASSCE Results In Canada

Brandon University

Brandon University is a university located in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, with an enrollment of 3662 (2018) full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. The current location was founded on July 13, 1899, as Brandon College is a Baptist institution.

Brandon University is ranked 64 among the best universities in Canada and 2378 in the world. They have an acceptance rate of 52%.

Admission Into Brandon University With WASSCE: Requirements.

  • Minimum of 5 subjects at C5 or better including English and Mathematics.

Please purchase a scratch card and send the following information in the body of one email( name, serial/PIN, examination number, and exam date with year.

University Of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba (U of M, UMN or UMB) is a public research university in Manitoba, Canada. Its main campus is located in the Fort Garry neighborhood, south of Winnipeg, with other campuses throughout the city.

Founded in 1877, it is the first university in Western Canada. The university maintains its reputation as a leading post-secondary intensive research institution and conducts more research annually than any other university in the region with a moderately selective acceptance rate of 53%.

Admission Into University Of Manitoba With WASSCE: Requirements.

Check the requirements for eligible International students via think link.

List Of Universities That Accept WASSCE Results In Germany

The number of German universities that accept WAEC or WASSCE results is quite huge. They have nearly similar academic requirements for international students.

About 90% of these universities offer course that are entirely taught in the English Language while some also combine the German language with English.

These universities will only accept this result when you provide your score of English Proficiency with TOEFL or IELTS for admission.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements For German Universities That Accept WAEC.

• English/German Language Proficiency Test Result
• Birth Certificate
• Medical Certificate showing how healthy an applicant is
• O’ level Results and Transcripts showing grades (WAEC/NECO)
• A Valid International Passport.

• Undergraduate CerGermanye
• Academic Transcript
• Should provide Two Reference Letters
Statement of Purpose and/or Research Proposal

With that being said, these are the universities in Germany that accept WASSCE, WAEC, HCE, SSCE.

• Technische Universität München (TUM) (Technical University of Munich)
• Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Mänchen (University of Munich)
• Universität Heidelberg
• Universität Berlin

• University of Göttingen
• Aachen University of Technology
• Berufsakademie Ravensburg
• Christian-Albrechts-Universität
• Dortmund University
• Dresden Technical University

• Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald
• Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
• Fachhochschule Fulda
• Fachhochschule Karlsruhe
• Fachhochschule Reutlingen,  Hochschule fär Technik und Wirtschaft

• Frankfurt University
• Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena
GISMA Business School
• Heinrich-Heine-Universität Dässeldorf
• Humboldt-University, Berlin
• Institut f. Semantische Informationsverarbeitung

• Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz
• Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Wärzburg
• Katholische Universität Eichstätt
• Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg

• Medical University of Luebeck
• Otto von Guericke Universität, Magdeburg
• Ruhr-Universität Bochum
• Technische Hochschule Darmstadt
• Technische Universität Berlin

• Technische Universität Braunschweig
• Technische Universität Chemnitz-Zwickau
•Technische Universität Clausthal
• Technische Universität Dresden
• Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg

• Technische Universität Ilmenau
• Technische Universität M?nchen
• Universität Augsburg
• Universität Bamberg
• Universität Bayreuth

• Universität Bielefeld
• Universität Bonn
• Universität Bremen
• Universität Duisburg
• Universität Freiburg
• Universität Gesamthochschule Essen

• Universität Gesamthochschule Kassel
• Universität Hamburg
• Universität Hannover
• Universität Hildesheim
• Universität Köln
• Universität Kaiserslautern

• Universität Karlsruhe
• Universität Konstanz
• Universität Leipzig
• Universität Mannheim
• Universität Passau
• Universität Potsdam
• Universität Regensburg
• Universität Rostock

• Universität Stuttgart
• Universität Tübingen
• Universität Trier
• Universität Ulm
• Universität der Bundeswehr München
• Universität des Saarlandes
• Universität, Hohenheim

• Universität-GH Paderborn
• Universitaet des Saarlandes
University of Giessen
University of Marburg
University of Oldenburg
Otto Beisheim School of Management

Fortunately, there are universities in Germany that do not request TOEFL or IELTS for admission of international students.

Top Universities In Germany To Study Without TOEFL or IELTS

• University of Siegen
• University of Kaiserslautern
• University of Giessen
• Free University of Berlin
• University of Koblenz and Landau
• Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
• Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)
• University of Kiel
• University of Kassel

• The University of Applied Sciences,

• Ingolstadt (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)
• Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
• Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
• Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences

• Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
• University of Koblenz Landau
Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
• University of Passau
• University of Hildesheim
• Ruhr University Bochum
TH Köln

• University of Freiburg
• University of Siegen
• University of Bayreuth
• University of Bonn
• Chemnitz University of Technology
• Hochschule Stralsund
• Mittweida University.

These are the foreign universities that accept WASSCE results for international students. Bear in mind, as stated at the beginning of this article, most of the universities have one-year foundation program which will help your narrow down to exact subject you want to study.

This program also helps students in bridging the gap between their former education and the program they have chosen to pursue.

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