Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship in 2022

Fully funded Scholarships are programs made available in top Universities by the government, public and private sectors to support students all over the world.

The scholarships programs are available for those who seek to earn a master’s degree leading to Ph.D., Ph.D. degrees, and undergraduate students from around the world.

If you have ever been looking for an opportunity to get a fully-funded scholarship program to study in any of the top universities in the world, then the opportunity has come for you in this article.

In this article, we will be exploring in detail, how to get a fully funded Scholarship Program in the top university of the world, irrespective of your country’s location.

Fully Funded Scholarship and the Location Country

Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship 2022

Vanier Canadian Graduate Program is one of the Scholarship programs offered by the Canadian Government to foreign and Canadian students to come to Canada and study in its top university.

The Scholarships Program by Vanier is one of the most sought-after Scholarship programs for those who want to acquire Masters leading to Ph. D. and Ph. D. Degree courses in different Universities in Canada.

The whole essence of this fully funded Scholarship program by the Canadian government through Vanier is to produce young educated professionals from all over the world.

The program is intended to cover every field of endeavor and this year, Vanier has about 166 Scholarships available.

This scholarship is a 3 year fully funded program for international students to support them in studying in Canada.

The field of study for this program is Health Research, Natural sciences, Social science, Engineering Research, Social Sciences, and Humanities Research.

Benefits of Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

• The program offers $ 50,000 yearly

• Funds offer will be for 3 years

The $50,000 offers is to cover basic expenses such as university fees, accommodation, etc.

Note, if you have a plan of studying MS leading to Ph. D., you may request further support.

Program Offered by Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

• Health research

• Natural science

• Engineering research

• Social science

• Humanities research

Criteria for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Before you think of applying for the Vanier Canadian Scholarship Program, you must meet nomination eligibility criteria, before acceptance.

Eligible Countries

• Canadian Citizens

• Permanent residents of Canada

• Foreign citizens

Other Requirements

Every international student coming to Canada to study must note that Canadian Universities require IELTS/TOEFL for admission.

This is what you must do before you apply for admission.

How to Apply for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

• You must apply to Canadian Universities that have quota/seats of Vanier

• Every university has its deadline for applying. So, before applying, you have to check the university of your choice before applying

• Since Vanier is the host, you can apply to the university through Vanier. After that, the university will evaluate your profile, nominate and recommend you for Vanier candidacy.

• The Vanier will have to make the final decision and selection
How to Complete a Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship Application

• Contact your desired nominating institution

• Confirm your eligibility

• Inform the faculty of graduate studies at the selected institution about your intention to apply to the Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship program

• You have to open and register for Canadian Common CV (CCV) and ResearchNet accounts

• You have to create a CCV (Vanier-Banting Academic template) application

• Choose/identify an area of research


Fulbright scholarships (US)

The Fulbright scholarship is among the fully-funded scholarship program offered to international students from all over the world who are eligible and meet up the requirements.

The scholarship program is fully funded to the extent of covering accommodation, tuition fees, air tickets, etc.

The Fulbright program is for international students who hold Bachelor’s degrees and other degrees.

The entire scholarship program is financially funded and sponsored by the U.S. government.

It aimed at providing cordial understanding and increasing the cultural bond between the people of the United States and the rest of the countries.

Public Service Commission (Singapore)

Public Service Commission ministry has become one of the leading departments in Singapore in providing scholarship programs to international students.

The fully-funded scholarship program by PSC in Singapore is for all fields of study for foreigners and the program covers accommodation, tuition fees, and all other welfare aspects.

PSC is looking for value-driven, leadership-skills and community engageable kind of students who are willing to share something new and contribute to the development of the world.

Commonwealth Scholarship (UK)

Over the years, the commonwealth commission has been engaging in scholarship programs in the UK for foreign students who seek to widen their scope of study in their respective fields.

The commonwealth scholarship program is considered one of the best scholarship commissions in the UK that is mainly for everyone and the rest of the world.

The program provides entirely fully funded scholarships in Ph.D. research, Master’s study, academic and professional fellowships. For developing and developed countries’ people.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (Amsterdam)

When it comes to fully funded scholarship programs for everyone, from all parts of the world, Amsterdam is seen as the most reliable source.

Amsterdam is ever willing to facilitate everything to make sure that every eligible and equal candidate is given the scholarship offers for studies.

All you have to do to participate in Amsterdam is to believe in yourself and start working on the part of nomination and selection, the opportunities will surely come your way.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship provides each year, a fully-funded scholarships program for international students from all over the world who seek to improve their academic journey in the following fields:

• Business administration

• Education

• Training

• Engineering

• Environmental Sciences

• Fine and applied arts

• Law

• Mathematics and computer sciences

• Medical and health sciences

• Natural sciences, Social and behavioral sciences

• Transport and communication

ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (Japan)

ADB-Japan Scholarship Program in Japan is also one of the world’s most sought-after scholarship programs because of its potency and consistency in helping the world educationally.

Japan has always been on the front line of global technology, digitalization in all aspects and it’s because of how the government made education their top priority.

Surely, without holding back on words, We can confidently call Japan, a self-sufficient planet!

The quality of education in Japan is very high compared to other developed countries.

If you are looking for fully funded scholarships that will take care of all your academic achievement, then graciously apply to the ADB Japan scholarship program.

The ADB-Japan scholarship program provides an opportunity for qualified citizens of foreign countries to have post-graduation studies in the following field.

  • Science and Technology
  • Economics
  • Business and management
  • Other related fields

University of Toronto Scholarships

The University of Toronto is a world-renounced institution, located in Canada and is one of the best universities in the world.

The Toronto University is offering a fully-funded scholarships program covering full tuition, room, and board for international undergraduate students from all over the world.

If you are looking for a fully-funded scholarship program that will care for all your educational needs, then you must visit the Scholarship Page and check if you are eligible.

If you are for Master’s and Ph.D. students, the Toronto scholarship program has various scholarships and fellowships that are given to international students to cover full tuition.

Available fields of study on scholarships at the Toronto University are

  • Architecture, landscape, and design.
  • Biomedical Communications
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Forestry
  • Information
  • Law
  • Management
  • Medical Radiation Sciences
  • Medicine

Full list of undergraduate programs here and the full list of graduate programs here.

Yale University Scholarship

The United States of America is home to some of the world’s most renounced universities which Yale happens to be among at the top ranking.

Yale University is offering an undergraduate scholarships program to international students.

The average scholarship assistantship Yale university is offering is over $50,000 to $70,000 per year, available for international students.

This undergraduate scholarship by Yale University is given based on need and qualifications to the amount of $50,139 per year for each student.

You can apply for this scholarship program by clicking on Scholarship Page and it is eligible for Undergraduate and Graduate

Princeton University Scholarships

Princeton University is not left out in its bid of given out fully-funded scholarships to eligible and qualified students.

Princeton University offers fully-funded scholarships to international
undergraduate students that include full tuition, accommodation, and board.

If you are interested and wish to get Yale University Scholarship Program, then you check this Scholarship Page for more information.

Hendrix College Hays Memorial Scholarship

Hendrix College Hays Memorial is currently offering Scholarship Program for eligible International students to come and study in their respective fields of study.

The scholarship program covers full tuition, accommodation, and board for four years duration and it amounts to over $200,000.

To be eligible, all you need is to apply by November 15, 2022. deadline. You must have at least a 3.6 GPA, and score a minimum score of 32 and 1430 on the ACT and SAT respectively.

For more information about the scholarship, check on the Scholarship page. This Scholarship Program is only eligible to undergraduates.