+Video: Too Smart Jidulah Gives Davido An ‘Iconic’ High Five

You have to do what stars do when you walk with stars – something Jidulah, Stonebwoy’s daughter failed to know as she thinks her dad is the only star in the world.

The pretty smart little girl was found once again in a convoy of his Dad, Stonebwoy, and Nigerian singer Davido when the latter visited their home for the final preparations ahead of the Activate Party happening at Sandbox Beach tonight.

Judulah, after sharing a table with the award-winning musicians, took to her heels into the bosom of her mother after Davido requested to high five her.

Her smartness disappeared and she was found wanting whilst Stonebwoy keeps shouting ‘give him kpoyakaa!!’ .

Well, after much pleads from the mom and dad, this is how Jidulah high five Davido.


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