There Will Be Frequent Power Outages In May

Saturday's Power Outage 'Hilariously' Explained By GRIDCo
Saturday's Power Outages 'Hilariously' Explained By GRIDCo

Energy Minister Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh has revealed that there will be systematic power outages in the country in May this year.

“Just two days ago, I received a letter from Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), [the company which is helping with the upgrade of the Pokuase and Kasoa substations] informing me in May, there is going to be systematic power outages.

“So we have invited ECG [Electricity Company of Ghana] and GRIDCo [Ghana Grid Company Limited] that in the light of this information we sit and plan and communicate to the people who will be affected way before it happens,” he said while speaking at a Civil Society engagement on the recent power outages in some parts of the country.

He added, “In all of these instances it is only appropriate that managers of the power sector communicate such reasons timeously to the public for people to plan their lives accordingly.”

He had earlier assured the country that the technical issues that have resulted in power cuts to some areas especially in the capital city will be fully resolved by end of the year.

Dr Prempeh told journalists on Tuesday, April 6 when he paid a working visit to the GRIDCo that “We are working feverishly to resolve the challenges which have arisen as a result of technical difficulties with our transmission lines and we hope that, that issue will be resolved by the end of the year,”

He further said that most of the transmission lines are old and haven’t seen any changes.

“These our lines that we have just been informed about, were strung in the 50s and some in the 60s. The power it was supposed to transmit to Accra has increased tremendously due to the expansion of Accra yet the lines have remained the same.

“They are now giving us lines that can improve the power situation in Accra,” he said.

He stated that the country is not back to the ‘tumour era.

“We should all be sincere and truthful in our communication. In 2016, the whole country was given periods when we are to receive power and when to be off. In 2016, the government of the day told us it was a generation problem.

“Even the opposition then said the government did not have money to buy fuel to power the generators. This is not a generation problem, this is not about fuel so how can we call it “Dumsor”?” he queried.

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