Technical Virgin Episode 41


The kissing continued for about two minutes as his hand meandered through her soft human hair weavon down to her breast region, and she quickly unbuttoned her blouse to grant him easy access to her raw breast but as if something struck Kehinde, he suddenly quivered and moved back in fear.

“Sh*t!” He blurted out and moved farther from her, adjusting his belt and covering his face with his palms, his heart beating fast.
“Jumoke leave my office.” He said calmly trying hard to bring himself under control.
“Kenny, I’m sorry.” She said softly as she drew closer to him.
“I’ve heard you, please you can leave.” He said, turning his back on her. She came close to him and placed her hand on his shoulder from behind.

“Ke..nny… It’s in your eyes, you still love me as much as I do…” She was still talking when he turned in a rage and shouted.
“Leave!!!!” His voice was heard all over the place and fear gripped her.
“I said leave my office!!!!” He shouted repeatedly and in a minute, both the security and nurses barged into his office and ordered Jumoke out forcefully.

“Doc, hope you are alright?” A fair complexioned female nurse who had been crushing on him stayed behind and asked. He waved at her to leave the office without looking at her and she lazily dragged herself out feeling bad. He dropped into his chair, bent his head and tears began to pour out of his eyes.
“Ah! God! What did I just do?” He asked nobody but himself amidst tears.

Jumoke arrived home sad and dejected to meet her niece crying at the reading table and she rushed over to her.
“Bisi, what’s the problem? Why are you crying?” She asked Bisola who wasn’t expecting to see her by that time of the day.
“Nothing.” She replied and quickly wiped off her tears.
“You can’t tell me nothing whereas you are crying.”
“Aunty J, it’s my boyfriend.” Bisola said.
“What about your boyfriend?” She queried, a  bit relieved.
“He’s threatening to leave me if I don’t have sex with him..” She broke down again crying leaving Jumoke more confused.
“So?” She asked the crying Bisola.
“Aunty, I don’t want to lose Frank!” She buried her teary face in her palms,then continued.

“And at the same time, I don’t want to lose my virginity” she cried louder and Jumoke held her closely to herself, on opening her mouth to talk, tears began to stream down her cheeks as she remembered that fateful Valentine evening, at Kehinde’s lodge off campus when he asked her to prove her love for him with so many promises to build a future with her.

She remembered how she was bathed in her own blood right on Kehinde’s bed as he climbed down from over her body after defiling her and how she did not stop satisfying him with her body until that very day he called to tell her that he would no longer continue with the relationship.

More hurting for her was the fact that she was now the one begging Kehinde not to leave her for another woman, even trying to go against her faith to get him back to herself. The incident at Kehinde’s office came afresh before her as she remembered how she was humiliated by the nurses and security men, how a particular female nurse called her a proustite that have come to seduce their handsome doctor.

She hugged Bisola very tightly and cried with her eyes closed.
“Bisi, even though I failed in the past, I won’t want you to repeat the same mistake with me.” She said, loosening from the tight hug and wiping her tears.
“Some nine years back, I was just like you. Innocent, a virgin and I held my head high with great confidence until I fell in love with Kenny.

The relationship was a healthy one until he began to request that I prove my love for him, I refused but gave in due to his incessant request. I gave him my virginity, but not less than two years, he came up and announced that he had become born again and wouldn’t continue with the relationship anymore.

Bisi, he kept avoiding me till we graduated and he vanished into thin air leaving no trace of his whereabout. I couldn’t love any other man because it seemed he left with a part of me, only for me to meet him few days ago and guess what he told me,
” I already have someone I am considering for marriage. This afternoon, he disgraced me in his office and ordered me out because we,..we..I didn’t know how it happened that we both couldn’t control ourselves and ended up kissing each other..” She said, breathed down and continued.

“Even after kissing me, he still ordered me out. I know it was wrong as Christians that we kissed but I didn’t plan it. I’m not a wayward girl, just that I couldn’t resist him standing very close to me.” She confessed
“He doesn’t want me anymore Bisi, not even sex would make him want to settle down with me. I gave my virginity to prove my love for him in vain. And that’s also applicable to you, giving him your body now would not stop him from leaving you tomorrow. If you do,you might end up being the one chasing after him later, trying to keep him while he divert his attention to another woman.

S*x has never been a proof of love, if it is, prostitutes would be the best lovers in the world. Let Frank go if your body is the proof of love he needs, in fact, break up with him first before he breaks up with you and you won’t feel hurt much. Don’t let any man tamper with your pride as a woman if you must walk around with your head high. Your body is your pride, guide it jealously my dear…” She spoke at length with Bisola, then stood up.

“I regret that day, that very minute I spread my legs for Kenny to have his way. I curse that day, the day which I agreed to satisfy a man I love at the expense of my self value as a woman.” She muttered loudly looking into the space as Bisola stared at her speechlessly.

Seven nights later, Olori came out in the middle of the night and walked down to the river with his black spiritual messenger igomudu, (the spirit of madness) and stretched it forth into the air and began to make incantations
“Sade!! Sade!! Sade!!!” He shouted after making his incantations.
“Go!!!!” He shouted wickedly and finally the black messenger flew out of his hand and disappeared into thin air….

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