Security Council Closes Down Ho Central Mosque

Security Council Closes Down Ho Central Mosque

The Ho Municipal Security Council has closed down the Ho Central Mosque for two weeks because of litigation over the Regional Imam position.   The lockdown covers the area surrounding the building; a decision Mr Alexander Yeboah, Municipal Police Commander, said was to prevent clashes between the two factions.   The site stayed open while … Read more

Footage Of Ho Gas Station Explosion Surfaces

Ho Gas Explosion

In one of earlier reportage, it was reported that a Ho gas filling station in the capital of the Volta Region exploded in the early hours of the day.   At the time of our previous story, there was no evidence of how the incidence occurred as the number of injuries stands at 12 male … Read more

14 Injured In Ho Gas Explosion

Ho gas explosion

Some 14 persons are receiving treatment at the Ho Teaching Hospital after they sustained injuries in a Wednesday dawn gas explosion at the Mighty Gas Filling station in Ho, the Volta regional capital. According to information gathered by Volta Online, the loud sound at the station, situated few metres away from the Teaching Hospital along … Read more