Twene Jonas Hits Afia Schwarzenegger With Old Nvde Photos

Twene Jonas Hits Afia Schwarzenegger With Old Nvde Photos

It is getting heated between Twene Jonas and social media personnel Afia Schwarzenegger after the two clashes over attacks on Ghanaian leaders and politicians. The feud between the two controversial social media influencers Afia Schwarzenegger and Twene Jonas keeps on escalating. After hours of exchanging insults with each other, Afia Schwarzenegger has decided to take … Read more

+Video: Finally! Afia’s Reason For Cheating On Abrokwa On Their Matrimonial Bed Revealed.

+Video: Finally! Afia's Reason For Cheating On Abrokwa On Their Matrimonial Bed Revealed.

The most nearly beautiful celebrity wedding that hit Ghana in 2016 was that of controversial Afia Schwarzenegger and her ex-lover Lawrance Abrokwa.

This wedding celebrated and hyped on social media with tonnes of congratulatory messages only to hit the rock of unfaithfulness on the side of Afia Schwazzeneger who was caught red-handed in bed with another man.

The rest of the story was attacks and counter-attacks from both parties with no reason to defend her unfaithfulness.

Well, almost 5 years down the line, the story still sounds fresh in the ears of Ghanaians after Afia Scwazzenegger called one TV presenter, Monagucci a p r o s t i t u t e.

Taking a more attentive listening to the video, Afia’s explanation and reason for the act was that she is yet to pay the money she borrowed to wed Abrokwa. Therefore it is believed that the man she cheated on Abrokwa with was the loaner and that was the only way she can pay him back. Watch the below with wrap attention and be the judge.


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Super Dad Stonebwoy Piggybacks Her Daughter.

Papano Side chick No2? Afia Schwartz Drops A New Video

Afia drops another video exposing John Mahama

Former National Democratic Congress ( NDC ) Member, now a New Patriotic Party ( NPP ). Afia Schwarzenegger drops another secretive video of a woman she alleged to be a side chick NDC flagbearer John Mahama.

The TV journalist took to her social media pages to launch a new attack on the NDC and it’s flag bearer John Mahama after netisens trolled and dare her to post her twins’ WASSCE result if they really excelled in their exams under the Free Education program.


Afia’s twins were compared to John Mahama’s daughter who reportedly did extremely well under the Free Education program.

This angered the TV host to a reply and what she described as a thievery on the side of John Mahama during his reign to feed a foreigner as she post the lady’s video and her Kenyan passport.

Our former 1st lady Madam Irene Nzuve …we love you dearly dearly your mansion de3 even my main madam no get am oooo
You show say ha u be proper “maame water”
Even the owner Dey fear…
Madam wey hold Kenya passport but Dey chop our money Dey control police , our oga and things…well done ooo

Buttocks pass Buttocks indeed..
For those that claim they were tired of me should know that I also have pussy so I won’t sacrifice my life for a 33 yrs to enjoy while me n my pikin Dey suffer
I beg God bless all of us..more video’s loading!!!!!
2 sure is 2 sure Ampa


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MP Busted Sharing Mosquito Coils, Rice, Soap And Ghc50 For Votes.

Owners Of NPP Rejects Afia Schwarz Call Her Dirty

Owners Of NPP Rejects Afia Schwarz Call Her Dirty 3 » Tech And Scholarship Updates

Some group of people are against Afia Schwarzenegger’s decision to leave NDC for NPP as she campaigns for Nana Addo. In a sharp rebatter to the controversial TV personality’s campaign for Nana Addo, Diamond Appiah CEO of Diamond Companies and real estate developer descended on Afia with claims that her brand is too d i … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Lays More Curses On FDA

Afia Schwarzenegger Lays More Curses On FDA 4 » Tech And Scholarship Updates

It is  getting more serious as Afia Schwarzenegger lay more curses on workers at Ghana Food and Drugs Board over an alleged unmerited fine laid on her boss. The loud mouth media personality was in the news yesterday with drinks as she cursed top officials at the FDA for fining his boss when she complained … Read more