Striking Teachers Compelled To Class By Court.

The striking unions of teachers have reluctantly called off their action after a court injunction was successful against them.

On Wednesday at Accra High Court, National Labour commission compelled the teachers to put an immediate halt to their action and return to class.

Ghana National Association Of Teachers [ GNAT ], National Association of Graduate Teachers [ NAGRAT ] and Coalition of Concerned Teachers decided to stay away from their workplaces on December 5 after failed communications with the government over Legacy Arrears since 2012 and 2016.

National Labour Commission described the action as illegal and failure to inform the commission before the strike made it unofficial.

However, the president of NAGRAT Angel Carbonu unwillingly accepted the directives, speaking on Joy News, he said;

” We are obeying the court order with pains in our hearts but let me also say that this ex parte motion filed and the order has been granted by NLC last for only 10 days.”

” The NLC will have to get ready after 10 days ,it will have to repeat the notice , other than that for me, after 10 days am at liberty to call a strike action again. he added.

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