Stonebwoy Exposes Asaase Radio For Cheating Him.


Stonebwoy exposes Asaase Radio after declaring Shatta wale as the winner of the votes by SMS ahead of the main clash which is just minutes away.

In a post made by Shatta wale which got captured in our recent publication, Shatta wale won the votes by a margin of 1 thousand votes over Stonebwoy with 160,538 and 159,635 respectively.

Interesting, Stonebwoy got the votes at the closing time and some minutes later captured – a result which showed that the Putuu singer is the winner of the votes by SMS.

Check The Pink Sheet Or This One Be Asaase Sheet! Poll Closed At Exactly 8:30pm.. Check The Times at 8:31pm and 8:32pm..
thank You bhimNation
Thank You World. It Was A Smooth Free And Fair Election..
please we are waiting for Our Car To present To Our Highest Voter!
#PeaceAndLove – Stonebwoy wrote on his timeline.

Shatta Wale Wins Stonebwoy In The First Phase Of Asaase Sound Clash