Stonebwoy exposes Asaase Radio after declaring Shatta wale as the winner of the votes by SMS ahead of the main clash which is just minutes away.

In a post made by Shatta wale which got captured in our recent publication, Shatta wale won the votes by a margin of 1 thousand votes over Stonebwoy with 160,538 and 159,635 respectively.

Interesting, Stonebwoy got the votes at the closing time and some minutes later captured – a result which showed that the Putuu singer is the winner of the votes by SMS.

Check The Pink Sheet Or This One Be Asaase Sheet! Poll Closed At Exactly 8:30pm.. Check The Times at 8:31pm and 8:32pm..
thank You bhimNation
Thank You World. It Was A Smooth Free And Fair Election..
please we are waiting for Our Car To present To Our Highest Voter!
#PeaceAndLove – Stonebwoy wrote on his timeline.

Shatta Wale Wins Stonebwoy In The First Phase Of Asaase Sound Clash