Ghanaian superstar Shatta wale has bowed out of the much anticipated Asaase Sound Clash with his colleague Stonebwoy with claims that the organizers are cheating him for Stonebwoy.

A lot of Ghanaians from both the SM camp and the Bhim camp were looking forward to witnessing the most talked about clash of all time this Saturday, 12th September between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale.

The clash organized by Asaase Radio was supposed to help Ghanaians crown one of these acts as the King of Dancehall. Well, a voting portal was put up for people to vote for their favorite act, to boost them into winning the clash.

Before this morning, Shatta Wale was in a comfortable lead with 4,030 votes ahead of Stonebwoy. But check ups made this morning shows Stonebwoy way ahead of Shatta with thousands of vote difference.



This perhaps triggered Shatta Wale to think twice about his involvement in the clash. He took to his Facebook page to address how Ghanaians are always going an extra mile to make their “favorite” win.

He registered his displeasure about the proceedings leading to the clash with a clear state on the clash.


Well, it is what it is, Shatta wale has bowed out. Fans and Ghanaians are hoping he changes his mind and take part in the challenge so as to settle the long standing debate of who is best dancehall artist in Ghana.

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