Reggie Rockstone Replies A Fan Who Asks If He Still Lives In His Father’s House As Shatta wale Said.

Refuse 2 Grow, Grandpa Reggie Rockstone has replied a fan who asks if he still lives in his father’s house as Shatta wale revealed in his recent video.

In an Instagram video where the rapper addressed the case of how some alleged Shatta Wale fans threatened to gang rape his little daughter, he stressed on getting the culprit behind bars.

Reggie further stressed on pinning down these ‘jokes’ as they grow to a level where it can’t be contained when left uncuffed.

However, this fan has deviated from the topic of discussion to ask the rapper about whether or not, if he still lives in his father’s house.

‘… yes and he died years ago but this is all u have to contribute to all I just said about a child rapist? Smh! Big house in a residential area East Cantonments where he also built me a studio Shatta came to! Where me and BEENIE man recorded ask shatta he was there! I shall also leave all I have for my kids and u should also do so! Bless his soulĀ , Reggie replied.