Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode – Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

The biggest cryptocurrency – bitcoin would once be listed under penny cryptocurrencies that will explode because it was less than a dollar. Its value was 0.0008$ – less than one-tenth of a cent – when it went live and was available for purchase back in June 2010.

If you were able to invest $1,000 into bitcoin in 2010, you would have been worth more than $21m at the time of the article. The same was the case with Ethereum.

Throughout 2015, Ethereum couldn’t cross the $1 mark. Investors who saw the rising potential grabbed the opportunity and made good profits. Ether is more than $1.2k at the time of this article.

This will not be the end of the story about how digital currencies skyrocketed after hitting the rock bottom at their early stages. Identifying potential penny cryptocurrency that will explode in the near future can make you huge returns depending on how long you are able to HODL.

What Is A Penny Cryptocurrency?

Penny cryptocurrency is any digital currency that values between a few cents to less than $5 – not above $5. They are the most attractive side of crypto investment with the belief that they will rise over time. Note that the opposite can be the case as crypto is highly volatile.

In this article, we give you a forecast about some of the digital currencies that are highly likely to reach the heavens in 5 to 10 years to come. Note: This is just a forecast, not financial advice.

10 Most Profitable Cryptos To Buy In 2022

12 Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode – Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

1.  Ripple [ XRP ] – A highly discounted penny crypto, good to invest in today.

2. Cardano [ ADA ] – The best-established large-cap penny crypto.

3. ApeCoin [ APE ] – Currently at $4.52, the best promising gaming and entertainment crypto for BAYC metaverse.

4. Shiba Inu [ SHIB ] – One of the best meme digital currencies to invest in.

5. Basic Attention Token [ BAT ] – An excellent penny crypto for long-term investment.

6. Stellar Lumens [ XLM ] – A very popular and useful penny crypto to buy and HODL.

7. Polygon [ MATIC ] – This is the overall best penny cryptocurrency to buy and HODL

8. Decentraland [ MANA ] – The most cryptocurrency for the metaverse.

9. The Graph [ GREAT ] – For web3 ecosystems and Defi, this is the best penny cryptocurrency.

10. Ren [ REN ] – Per top crypto analysts as far as 2022 is concerned, this is the most promising penny cryptocurrency. The future beyond 2022 is highly unpredictable.

11. Chiliz [ CHZ ] – The best penny digital currency for sports and entertainment.

12. Enjin [ ENJ ] – Under penny metaverse currency that could be undervalued

Values Of Promising Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL

 Cryptocurrency   Current Value [ at the time of this article ] Market Cap [ at the time of this article ]
Ripple [ XRP ] 0.37 USD $17,964,252,240
Cardano [ ADA ] 0.47 USD $17,964,252,240
ApeCoin [ APE ] 4.51 USD $1,350,988,276
Shiba Inu [ SHIB ] 0.00001094 USD $6,027,428,221
Basic Attention Token [ BAT ] 0.43 USD $648,978,305
Stellar Lumens [ XLM ] 0.12 USD $3,243,131,515
Polygon [ MATIC ] 0.59 USD $4,833,046,006
Decentraland [ MANA ] 0.96 USD $1,779,148,394
The Graph [ GREAT ] 0.116 USD $807,136,301
Ren [ REN ] 0.124 USD $124,990,928
Chiliz [ CHZ ] 0.102 USD $617,970,976
Enjin [ ENJ ] 0.55 USD $497,626,909


Let’s take a closer look at the penny cryptocurrencies that will explode in the near future as listed above.

 Ripple [ XRP ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

This digital currency was once labeled the bitcoin-killer until SEC filed a lawsuit against its developers, seeking to have the 8th most valuable crypto project recognized as a security breach and accusing the team of selling unsecured and unauthorized securities to the people in the US.

This alongside other factors like the 2018 to 2020 crypto winter season caused its value to dwindle from its 2018 peak price of $3.8 to a $0.3 average in June 2022.

In the face of all this, ripple maintained its status among investors and even drew more. Dozens of banks and finance industry players joined and there has been a consistent development of the Ripple network. All these explained why Ripple and its token, XRP have marked their spot among the top most valuable cryptos of all time and why its trade volumes and wallets holding XRP have been on a steady rise.

XRP token price will continue to rise steadily, more investors will join in on the investment in Ripple, financial institutions building on the ripple network will continue to grow and when the developers and the crypto status finally get vindicated by the federal court, I will hit the heavens real hard. This is just enough reason to put a Ripple on the list of penny cryptocurrencies that will explode in the near future.

 Cardano [ ADA ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

As one of the largest cap penny crypto, Cardano has the most valuable crypto project to make the list of penny cryptocurrencies that will explode soon and that is eminent. But that is not the only reason to buy and HODL.

Cardano’s mandatory peer review for all protocols being integrated into its platform has affected its dynamicity. The platform, therefore, lags behind its competitors – Ethereum, Solana, and avalanche – in integrating such emergent crypto niches as Defi, dApps, Web3, and even the smart contract feature. Nevertheless, Cardano is still in stiff competition with its peers when it comes to the number of active monthly developers, market cap, and brands collaborating and ready to collaborate with the network.

Also, if you follow its past price action, you will notice sharp ADA token prices and Cardano’s market cap rise anytime the Charles Hoskinson-led network integrated a new feature. A perfect case is the integration of the smart contract feature in late 2021, which helped the ADA token price rally by close to 200%.

This is enough to tell you that when Cardona fully integrated all these other emerging cryptos, its price will rise astronomically, this is why it is one of the penny cryptocurrencies that will explode, one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022.

 ApeCoin [ APE ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

ApeCoin made the list of penny cryptocurrencies that will explode in 2022 or beyond due to its stellar past price and the developments taking place in the ApeCoin ecosystem. It has the most active community of followers on every platform – a pool of potential investors – ranging from A-list celebrities to the most crypto influencers.

All crypto products of ApeCoin from the altcoins to the NFTs and even the recently launched virtual lands are always having tonnes of subscribers. And this can trigger the surprise of the APE token prices. So, in the short term, the active APE community and a recovery crypto market are likely to spark the token’s price explosion. And in the long run, developments on the network like the anticipated apecoin mainnet will spur future value gains.

Shiba Inu [ SHIB ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

Shiba Inu is a highly valuable and one of the most popular meme digital currencies. The reason it made the list of penny cryptocurrencies that will explode [ though it trades for less than a penny ] is that, during the 2021 crypto market rally, SHIB token price rallied by more than 5 million percent. This is a sign that it can replicate these gains.

The Shiba development team has also been working on updates and programs that increase SHIB’s use cases. They have the Shibaswap DEX, a token launchpad, and have increased the burn rate for SHIB’s tokens for starters.

The effort of increasing its use cases and capping its demands alongside such others as a vibrant community of supporters, a recovering crypto market, and a revived meme coin frenzy are all expected to work towards its next big price pump.

Basic Attention Token [ BAT ]

Basic Attention Token [ BAT ]

BAT is the reward token for the Brave browser. The Brave Browser, a primary tool for disseminating the Basic Attention Token has received a warm welcome from the crypto world and the digital advertising community which makes it one of the most subscribed cryptos with over 50 million unique and active monthly users. This is a sign of hope for the future,  a reason we list it as one of the penny cryptocurrencies that will boom.

Apart from that, you will notice that at its peak, for instance, BAT has a market cap of over $2.6 billion which is just a small fraction of the $500billion+ advertising industry. Its main focus is the rising concern among internet users – privacy.

The Brave browser blocks trackers 100%, lets you determine the ads you view, lets you control the number of personal information advertisers access, and pays you for viewing the said ads.

BAT is highly expected to carve out its niche in the digital advertising space due to its appeal to user privacy and the token reward system. This makes Basic Attention Token a penny cryptocurrency you can invest in for the long run.

Stellar Lumens [ XLM ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

Stellar takes a tab at the multi-trillion dollar global finance industry as an open-source payment network with a massively promising future. It seeks to provide an efficient crypto storage service for the unbanked and the underbanked. It also seeks to provide an affordable, safer, faster, and more efficient cross-border payment system for both the baking industry and individuals.

This increased use of cases of an already highly valuable and massively popular crypto asset has convinced top crypto analysts of Stellar’s future.

One more reason Stellar Lumens is tipped to blow in the near future is that it is already selling at a hugely discounted price – more than 85% below its all-time high. And in the next 10 years, XLM token prices are expected to recapture this all-time high and rally by more than 50000% to rise above $50.

Polygon [ MATIC ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

With Polygon being the most successful and most popular Ethereum layer-2 protocol, it is expected to blow big at the rate at which the Ethereum ecosystem is expected to grow. This is because it integrates multiple scaling solutions including all the rollup chains which make the Ethereum-based programs as fast as their supposed Ethereum killers. This is mainly why polygon is one of the penny cryptocurrencies that will explode soon.

Other reasons polygon is one of the penny cryptocurrencies that will explode is: that it has performed exemplarily well in the past, other than the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon seeks to extend its calling solution to other blockchains – making it an interoperable and highly decentralized layer-2 calling solution.

How high can it get? Well, for the past six months, MATIC tokens have been selling for between $0.3 and $2.5 and optimistic analysts and investors are confident that it can rally and reach $28 and break above $80 in the next 5 and 20 years respectively.

Decentraland [ MANA ]


Decentraland is the first-ever metaverse project which earns it a first-mover advantage. The virtual got open to the public in 2020 when Decentraland held the ICO for MANA tokens in 2017. Throughout that period the MANA token prices and subscriptions to its virtual land have sustained an uptrend.

Other reasons why we believe that you too should add MANA to your watchlist of best penny cryptos to invest in today include the fact that it still is a work in progress. Both on- and off-chain brands like JP Morgan, Forever 21, Nike, Coca-Cola, and even Atari have already purchased plots of virtual land on Decentraland.

Moving forward, we expect Decentraland to draw in more investors, brands, and content creators. Not to mention that it has integrated NFT, Web3, and other emerging crypto technologies into its platform.

These are all expected to draw in a lot of users whose interactions with the brand will help catapult MANA token prices to unprecedented heights. And all these confirm why you too should consider adding Decentraland to your watchlist of best penny cryptocurrencies to invest in today.

The Graph [ GRT ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

The Graph is an indexing protocol for the Ethereum protocol with a promising future that fits the list of penny cryptocurrencies that will explode. It aims to revolutionize developments on two of the fates growing crypto technologies – Defi and Web3, providing them with an indexing protocol for querying data on the blockchain making it easy to create Defi, dApps, and Web3.

It is therefore promised to be one of the most important and arguably most impactful crypto projects to the success of the Defi and Web3 niches. These two are poised for a massive rally and everyone is confident the developments in both spaces will spur demand for GRT tokens, which effectively catalyzes the value gain for GRT tokens.

Its close association with the fast-rising Defi and Web3 technologies is, therefore, the primary reason why we believe The Graph to be the best penny cryptocurrency to buy in 2022. By the turn of the decade, we expect GRT tokens to have rallied by 20000% to break above $20.

Ren [ REN ]

Penny Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode - Cryptocurrencies To Buy And HODL 2022

Defi promises to democratize the global finance industry. It has been a quick success seeing crypto investors have already committed hundreds of billions to the Defi industry. But there are a few bottlenecks preventing it from breaking out and taking over the global finance industry. Ren, an Ethereum protocol, seeks to solve one of the biggest hurdles i.e. interoperability and liquidity.

It makes it possible for Defi platforms to welcome liquidity in the form of foreign cryptocurrencies such as BTC to an Eth-based Defi platform without the need for intermediaries like Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC).

Over the next few months and years, the Defi niche is expected to continue rallying, inflows will continue rising, and so will the number of users. This effectively raises demand for foreign cryptocurrency liquidity. And they all have us convinced that REN is one of the most promising cryptos and one of the best penny cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.

Currently trading at a discounted price of 90% of its all-time high, a number of optimistic forecasters expect it to recapture and rise past this record price when it rallies by 20000% to reach $20 by the turn of the decade.

Is It Advisable To Invest In Penny Crypto?

Yes, every crypto investor or analyst will say, because we believe in the future of cryptocurrency. But it will do you more good to do enough research to know which penny crypto to venture into as some have the potential of blowing up in the near future while others may not. An example of those penny cryptos that will blow is the list we made above.

You can also check the list of digital currencies that are highly profitable and good to invest in the short and long run here are the 10 Most Profitable Cryptos To Buy In 2022