Partner Institutions Of MasterCard Scholars Program Offering Master’s Studies 2022

We have a list of the partner institutions of the MasterCard Scholars program offering undergraduate studies to their beneficiaries with the help of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. Check it out here.

In this article, we will provide you with the list of partner institutions of MasterCard scholars program offering master’s studies, which l can say is the continuation of the one mentioned above.

A Master’s study is a level of study demonstrating mastery or a high order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. A Master’s degree is therefore awarded to establish the fact that the student has undergone the study successfully.

List Partner Institutions Of MasterCard Scholars Program Offering Master’s Studies 2022.

Partner Institutions Of MasterCard Scholars Program Offering Master's Studies 2022

1 . Africa Institute Of Mathematical Sciences [ AIMS ] – Another pan-African institute of networks of excellence for postgraduate education, research and outreach in mathematical sciences.

Eligibility Criteria
• They admit students [ predominantly ] based on academic excellence, leadership potential and their readiness and commitment to [A] Give back to their communities [B] Fully participate in training and outreach opportunities, fashioned to reinforce their leadership skills, strengthen their sense of responsibility to give back to the African continent and lead the positive transformation of their communities.

2 . The America University Of Beirut – Promoting the health and well being of the population through quality higher education.
Eligibility Criteria
• Graduate scholarships are opened to Nationals fo Africa, Nationals Of Lebanon, Refugees and displaced people living in Lebanon.
• Selection and admission are based on Academic Promise, Financial need, Leadership Potential, and desire to give back to one’s community.
• Proof of Meeting RUSE [ Readiness For University Studies In English ] requirement. 

3 . Arizona State University – A public research institute committed to providing education through academic enterprise.
Eligibility Criteria
• High achieving who face significant economic barriers
• Must be committed to social and economic transformation in Africa.

4 . Carnegie-Mellon University Africa – A world-leading engineering institution with a century-long history that has hosted 19 noble laureates. The school is part of the Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering in the US.
Eligibility Criteria
• You must come from an economically disadvantaged community and family.
• Have a high academic talent
• Commitment to giving back to the community they are from.
• Potential to be a role model, mentor, and change maker. 

5 . McGill University – This is an English Language-based research institution with a mission to advance learning to through teaching, scholarship and service to society. As indicated, all courses and lesson materials are given in English at this university. But the school offers French scholars intensive English language training before they start their programs and this is unique to McGill university.

Eligibility Criteria
• Young academically talented potential leaders from Sub-Saharan African countries
• Be admissible to one of the eligible programs at McGill University
• Have never registered for /completed any graduate studies
• Be nominated by a current McGill Professor or Staff Member from the department you wish to
apply to (see Nomination Form)

• Have an exceptional record of service and activity in your school and/or community
• Have an intent to return to your country immediately upon the completion of your degree with
the goal of transforming your community through social and economic development
• Demonstrate that your financial status is in the lowest two quintiles of your country
• Must be less than 35 years old at the time of application

6. Sciences Po – This is an international research university based in Paris, France. It is ranked among the top finest research institute in the world. Its focus is on humanity and social sciences.
Eligibility Criteria
• Applicant must be from sub-Saharan African countries.
• Applicant must have an outstanding academic record.
• Applicant must have strong leadership potential
• Applicant must have financial or any other barriers to higher education.

7. University Of British Columbia – A leading university in community service learning, sustainability and research commercialisation ranking among the top 3 best universities in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria
• Have completed a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
• Be a citizen of and have lived a significant part of their life in a Sub-Saharan African country
• Present economically disadvantaged financial circumstances, and be able to show a lack of financial means from
family or other sources to pursue master’s level education in their home country or elsewhere.
• Have achieved academic excellence under difficult circumstances
• Show leadership qualities or potential
• Demonstrate an interest in and commitment to giving back to their home community in ways that enhance the
economic growth and social development of Africa, through engagement in activities in their current
profession, university or community.

8. The University Of CapeTown – South Africa’s oldest university is also among the partner Institutions Of MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program. The school is renowned for its leading role in teaching and research in the whole of Africa.
Eligibility Criteria
• Academically talented
• Economically disadvantaged
• Ready to give back to their communities
• Natives of sub-Saharan African countries
• Must be applying to study in the fields of Commerce, Engineering and Built Environment, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law or Sciences at the University of Cape Town.

9. Edinburgh University – The major role among others, of this university is the creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge. However, Edinburgh is no longer accepting applications for undergraduate entry.

Eligibility Criteria
• You must be a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country, whose personal circumstances would make accepting an offer from the University of Edinburgh difficult
• Applications from Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe are particularly welcome.
• You must demonstrate a track record of leadership and service within your community.
• You must be able to present economically disadvantaged circumstances and be able to show that you lack financial means from family or other sources to pursue post-secondary (university) education in your home country or elsewhere.

10. The University Of Gondar – The oldest medical school in Ethiopia with the philosophy of a team approach and community-based teaching of health professionals.
Eligibility Criteria
• High demonstrated academic ability
• Leadership potential
• Socio-economic need and disability.

11. Pretoria University – A research-based university with campuses in Pretoria and its surrounding, and the economic hub of the country, Johannesburg.
Eligibility Criteria
• Candidates should be citizens from Africa.
• Applicants should come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and demonstrate financial neediness.
• Candidates should demonstrate leadership potential and ought to be involved in a giving back project eg. in a community, at school, church etc
• Academic excellence is paramount and students have to maintain a high academic average at all times.

12. University Of California, Berkeley – This is a public land-grant research institution. As one of the partner Institutions Of MasterCard Scholars Program Offering Master’s Studies, the school supports 180 master’s degree students from the Sub-Saharan.
Eligibility Criteria
• Being a citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country
• Having Academic Talent
• Demonstrating Leadership Potential
• Coming from a socio-economically disadvantaged background
• Having demonstrated the commitment to give back to your community, country, or continent
• Having demonstrated the commitment to give back to your community, country, or continent.

13. The University Of Toronto –  Last but not the least on the list of partner Institutions Of MasterCard Scholars Program Offering Master’s Studies is the University of Toronto.
Eligibility Criteria
•Academically talented
• Economically disadvantaged
• Ready to give back to their communities
• Natives of sub-Saharan African countries

This is the list of partner institutions of MasterCard Scholars Program offering master’s studies. We provided links to the portals of every single institution so you confirmed every information via their portal or contact the school before beginning your application package.

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