Novels: Technical Virgin Ep.34

“Sade, do you have anything to tell me?” The church mummy asked, drew closer to where Sade was sitting on the floor and drew into her arms. The tears and nose mucus which flowing down from her rubbed and soaked the church mummy’s fine clothes but she didn’t mind as she tried get her to speak.

“Mummy, I’m short of words,” Sade began, still struggling to control her tears.
“I didn’t know that anything good can still come out of my life again after the birth of Toyin. My spiritual life is gone,I lost passion and sense of belonging. My self esteem was tampered with, I thought no one would listen to me anymore, that no reasonable man would like to marry me…” She continued.

“Mummy, I lied to you few days ago when you called me. I lied that I went to farm and wasn’t with my phone when you called. I was actually in a hotel room with Olori that day you were calling but I put the phone on silent. Mummy I had already given him permission to sleep with me, we were already in the very act when I heard him scream on seeing blood stain on my pant. I was ready to start sleeping with him any day, anytime he wanted and possibly become his third wife.

Mummy, I don’t know where the blood came from, I was not on my menstruation. From your life story, I sense God is also giving me a second chance, please pray for me… Am finding it hard to rise up from my fall, I can’t even pray anymore and my willpower is gone…” Sade said, then knelt down and held the church mummy’s legs tightly not willing to let go.

The church mummy had goose bumps on her body in awe of God’s mercy and grace as she remembered how Kehinde and herself had prayed for Sade on that said day and time that God should intercept her from every wrong steps and intervene in her life and destiny. She knew it was God’s early intervention that masterminded the blood stain incident. She bursted into tongues and continued that way for another twenty minutes while Sade clung to her legs still crying.

She switched into the spirit after about twenty minutes speaking in tongues and began to operate under the spirit of prophecy still standing at one spot.

” This what the sovereign Lord says, ‘ A bruised reed shall he not break,and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth. Though you offered a strange fire before me and brought tears to my eyes through the smokiness of your secret life, I the Lord, in my mercy has chosen not to quench your light. Behold, the former things are come to pass,and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.

Arise! Sing unto the Lord new songs, and his praise from the end of the earth… Let the wilderness and the cities therefore lift up their voice, the villages… Let them give glory unto the Lord, and declare his praise in the islands.

I am the Lord, the Potter who breaks into pieces the worthless vessels and I make for myself vessels of honour out of worthlessness…” The church mummy continued with the prophesies and Sade’s hands began to shake so that she couldn’t hold the church mummy anymore, she began to scream at the top of her voice, crying and rolling on the floor of the room and in the process scattering the properties in the room.

Soon, the people in the parlor heard loud screams coming from the bed room, and they suspected that church mummy was probably praying for someone,so they continued with what they were doing. Toyin jumped down from Jumoke’s laps and exchanged a worried glance with Kehinde as they both heard the repeated screams of Sade coming from the bedroom.

“That’s Iya mi crying. I don’t know what big mummy is doing to her..” She said, looking at him almost crying and was about running towards the room when Kehinde caught her while Jumoke watched them in confusion. He lifted Toyin up to himself and excused himself from Jumoke to calm Toyin down outside so she wouldn’t go and interrupt whatever God was doing in Sade’s life.

Sade became too violent for only the church mummy to handle, and just as she was wishing to see her personal assistant, the young lady came running from the backyard on hearing the screams coming out of the church mummy’s room. She already knew that it was her job to stand around and hold people from falling badly or getting injured when ever the woman of God prays for people and she knew when Sade entered the room, but she didn’t expect that what the church mummy was calling Sade into her room for would include such a violent prayer that would demand her presence.

She entered the room just when the church mummy was getting tired of holding Sade and was dazed at the sight of the room she arranged early that morning. She quickly rushed over to the rolling Sade and grabbed her legs with all her strength, so she wouldn’t push the church mummy down with her legs which she kept throwing around violently. The church mummy’s heart leaped for joy on seeing the lady ,then she drew back and began to speak in tongues again. The more she spoke in diverse tongues, the hotter the fire Sade felt on her knees and bone marrows and the louder her screams.

“Fire!!! Ah! Fire!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice as the church mummy increased the intensity of the tongues.
“Lift her up!” The church mummy ordered her personal assistant, and the huge lady jacked Sade up with her two hand. She couldn’t stand on her two legs, so the lady used her body to support her to stand up a bit. The church mummy blew a sudden heavy air from her mouth on Sade and both the lady and Sade fell back to the ground under the power of God.

“Get up! get her up for me” the church mummy said in a hurry and the lady struggled to stand up to her feet before lifting Sade who had become very weak from crying and screaming loud. The church mummy drew her into her arms in a tight hug, then started another rounds of tongues…

“If there be any grace of God on my life, I make a deposit of it into this life right now. If there be any power to resist sin and temptations of life, I release a double portion of it upon this life right now! If there’s any passion for purpose fulfilment at work in me, let a greater portion come upon her now! If there be any dead gifts in this life, come back to life now in the name of Jesus! Let there be revival! Restoration of prayer life, restoration of that first love you used to have for God, let there be restoration of every lost virtue..”

The church mummy continued in tongues still holding Sade in a tight hug, and like a spark, Sade exploded and began to speak in new tongues. The atmosphere in the room changed so much that the church mummy’s personal assistant couldn’t help but got carried away on her knees praying in tongues…

I wished to go further in writing this particular episode, but wasn’t permitted to. I felt the nudging to stop here so that someone somewhere reading this particular episode can flow with the spirit in prayer.
Go ahead and pray if you feel like praying. I will wait for you to continue with the next episode. 😃😃

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