New Zealand International Students Grant At Victoria University 2023

Apply for the New Zealand international students grant at Victoria University of Wellington by just enrolling in the University if you are already onshore in the country to pursue your full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies on campus.

This grant is aimed at helping new international first-time enrolling students pursuing their full-time postgraduate and undergraduate degree on campus at the Victoria University of Wellington in semesters 1,2 or 3 in either 2021 or 2022.

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Description Of The New Zealand International Students Grant.

Scholarship Level Postgraduate, Undergraduate, School Leaver
Tenure 1 year
Award for International students
Number offered Multiple
Worth $5,000 or $10,000


Undergraduate students are entitled to a $10,000 grant squarely disbursed over the two years of studies and postgraduate students receive a $5,000 grant for the first of study at the University fo Wellington.

Eligibility Criteria New Zealand International Students Grant

If you happen to be a student enrolled in English For Academic Purposes [EAP ] at the Victoria University of Wellington or the Victoria University Of Wellington Foundation Studies Program at UP, you are not eligible for this scholarship.

1. Applicants must be new students, first timers in the school

2. Applicants must be in New Zealand, studying in person on the wellington campus. Online students are not eligible.

3. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate and postgraduate at the Victoria University Of Wellington.

4. Graduate certificate, postgraduate certificate, Ph.D. and EAP students are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Application Procedure For New Zealand International Students Grant.

There is no application procedure for New Zealand International Students Grant at Victoria University, you are automatically selected for the fund as soon as you enroll at the Victoria University of Wellington with all the above criteria in check.

Other Regulations And Conditions

1. The scholarship cannot be deferred

2. Students who commence courses online as new students will not be eligible for this grant when they finally arrive on campus.

3. A student can benefit from this grant while benefiting from other awards or scholarships except for New Zealand International School Leaver Grant, Wellington Region International School Leaver Grant, and the Wellington Internationa Excellence Scholarship.

4. All scholarships will be offered on the condition that the recipient is fully enrolled in a full-year program within the stipulated criteria and tenure of the scholarship. Until this condition is met, no payment for this grant.

5. Should a student withdraw from Victoria University during his time on this scholarship or failed to make good academic progress while on the grant, partial repayment of the scholarship will be demanded. Therefore, a student must inform the scholarship office if they intend to withdraw.

6. At the command of the Deciding Authority, the terms and conditions of this scholarship may be modified in special circumstances to avoid hardship to any candidate of the scholarship.

Finally, you can contact the Victoria University of Wellington for more guidance and a thorough explanation as it is liable to modification. Contact the university here. We also urge you to do further research about this scholarship in case a change happened at the time you are reading this and we couldn’t update.

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